7 Reasons Why Hydration Can Help You Achieve Your Physique Goals

Hydration is one of those things we all need to pay attention to regardless of whether or not we are physically active.  Water is essential to all metabolic processes and is needed to help keep the cells and organs healthy and functioning properly.  On top of the health benefits, putting extra focus into your hydration can actually help you achieve your physique goals.

Check out the list of benefits below and you’ll probably be shocked by how important water and proper hydration levels are with helping you get the body you’ve been working so hard to attain.


1. Water Helps with Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is what helps your muscles get bigger and stronger.  To help this metabolic process take place, maintaining proper hydration levels is key.  If you want to build quality muscle, focus not only on the food you consume but how much water you drink each day.

2. Proper Hydration Aids in Reducing Water Retention

Many people assume the opposite happens when you consume a large amount of water on a daily basis – however, this is a misconception.  Focusing on proper hydration levels can help you reduce excess water weight you may be holding onto which is causing you to have a soft and puffy look.

3. Consuming Adequate Water Can Help Boost the Metabolism

Drinking water can increase your metabolic rate by as much as 30%.  The fact that water contains zero calories and it can help you burn more calories should be enough to make you want to pay special attention to your hydration so you can reach your physique goals.


4. Water Supports Regular Bowel Movements

If you find you’re looking bloated, it could be due to poor hydration.  When you aren’t consuming enough water, the body can pull it from things such as the colon which can cause constipation.  Drinking enough water will help you digest your food properly and keep you regular.


5. Focusing on Hydration Helps You Feel Satiated 

A dieting tip that many utilize is increasing water consumption when in a caloric deficit.  Not only does this help improve overall hydration, but it also helps you feel full and satiated so you tend to be less hungry throughout the day and want to snack on unhealthy foods.  Water can also help you consume fewer calories during meals.


6. Hydration Plays a Role in Muscle Fullness

If you work out, you know all about “the pump.”  If you want to help your muscles stay big and full, you need to ensure your hydration is on point.  Even being slightly dehydrated can flatten and deflate your muscularity.


7. Proper Hydration Levels Help Improve Recovery 

The quicker your recovery, the quicker you can get back in the gym and work specific muscle groups again.  When you engage in resistance training, it creates toxins and waste as a byproduct.  If you aren’t able to effectively remove the waste, it can slow your recovery speed. 

Through proper hydration, you can eliminate the urea and excess nitrogen buildup and be on your way to achieving your physique goals.

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