A Dip in Testosterone Can Do More Harm Than Just Muscle Loss

Testosterone is by far one of the most powerful hormones we produce as humans. It plays a role in a host of factors that play into your health and fitness level. Unfortunately, no man can escape the fact that your testosterone levels will decrease with age, and it can bring upon some adverse effects if not controlled.

In this article, we will look at why testosterone is so important to maintain and answer a common question we get asked, which is, “What’s the difference between GAT Sport Testrol and Testrol Gold?”

Let’s dive into the topic.


Why Is Testosterone Important?

Around the age of 30, many men may notice some changes to their bodies as well as their overall health and life. Rather than having to play defense when that timeframe generally occurs, you can start playing offense and a proactive role to improve your natural testosterone levels.

Aside from proper diet, training and rest, there are supplements out there like GAT Sport Testrol and Testrol Gold that can help increase your testosterone levels and either help get them back into the normal range or increase their level within the normal range to help provide you with better health and fitness results.

By better managing your testosterone levels, you can:


1.     Support Muscle Mass

Your testosterone level determines a lot of factors in the body. How well you are able to produce new lean muscle tissue and overall muscle strength will depend on your testosterone level. When levels are normalized, you have a greater ability to increase protein synthesis and build muscle. When levels drop, the muscle can more easily be broken down, and your overall musculature can decrease.


2.     Maintain Sex Drive & Libido

If you start noticing that your sex drive and libido are gone, it could be an indication that your testosterone levels are diminishing. The good news is that they aren’t gone for good, it’s merely a matter of increasing your natural production once again, which can be accomplished by using Testrol and Testrol Gold (more on this in a little).


3.     Better Manage Body Fat

A drop in testosterone can play some nasty tricks on your body, one of which includes weight gain and body fat storage. When testosterone levels decrease, you may notice that your energy levels have also dropped off. This can cause you to become more sedentary. As mentioned in #1, testosterone can increase muscle mass, and as we know, the more muscle mass you have, the higher your caloric burn is during the day since muscle needs energy to move and contract. With less muscle mass, your metabolism can start to nosedive, which can lead to an increase in weight and body fat.


4.     Manage Bone Density

Normalized levels of testosterone help produce strong and healthy bones. When bone mineral density drops, it can cause brittle bones, which can lead to breaks and fractures. Testosterone helps increase bone density and produce red blood cells to support bone health.


5.     Improve Mood

Some of the side effects of low testosterone include the feeling of depression, lack of motivation, unable to concentrate, and other factors that play into your overall mood. By bringing your testosterone levels back into the normal range and increasing your natural production, you can start feeling more like yourself, get out of the funk you may have been in, and improve your mood.


What are the Differences Between Testrol and Testrol Gold?

This question comes up often, and it’s a valid enquiry. GAT Sport Testrol and Testrol Gold are two natural testosterone boosters under the same brand portfolio. Many assume that one is better than the other, which actually isn’t the case. Both Testrol and Testrol Gold play different roles that may appeal to different people and their needs.

When looking at the original Testrol, you have the following ingredients:


Some of the key ingredients in the profile above include Tribulus Terrestris Extract, L-Arginine HCl, Long Jack, Zinc, and Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed). This combination plays a role in boosting natural testosterone production, enhancing sex drive and libido, and increasing overall male performance.


For those looking for a testosterone booster that can provide you with many health and performance benefits, Testrol would be a great addition to your supplement and training regimen.


Testrol Gold utilizes an enhanced formula with the following ingredients:


If you’re looking for something with even greater potency, Testrol Gold may be the right option to achieve the results you’re looking for. While the profiles between Testrol and Testrol Gold are similar, the Gold version takes things several steps forward by adding B-vitamins, DIM (Diindolylmethane), and patented PrimaVie® (Purified Shilajit Extract).

These additions have many benefits, such as an increase in natural energy levels, a reduction in estrogen levels to help maximize testosterone production and benefits, help in better managing body fat storage, and an even more significant increase in testosterone production compared to the original Testrol version.


Which Version is Right for You?

You truly can’t go wrong with either version of Testrol, but you may prefer one over the other depending on your goals. If you want something with a higher potency, Testrol Gold is a solid choice. If you need a little help boosting testosterone but don’t require something as strong, the original Testrol is an excellent option.

Regardless, if you’re looking to regain your life, increase your natural testosterone production, build muscle, reduce fat, and maximize your performance in the bedroom, give Testrol or Testrol Gold a try today! Both versions provide you with a full 30-day supply!



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