MAXIMIZE your workout!

You’re on the right track, putting together a workout plan, and beginning to tackle it enthusiastically. But let’s take a moment to reflect on whether it’s as targeted as it can be. So every effort maximizes the path to your goals.

Add a Pre-Workout to your regimen

It’s important! To get the most out of your workout, take a pre-workout supplement. The right one will have all the necessary ingredients included to help you have a successful workout — sometimes, with specific vitamins. The ingredients designed to give you an extra boost will also help when training while tired. A suggestion: Take NITRAFLEX®+C pre-workout about 30 minutes before your workout. It will help you remain alert, intense, and focused. And, your muscles get the extreme hyperemia-induced pump that Nitraflex is famous for!

Curb the distractions 

In order to have a successful workout, lose the distractions. Like your phone or tablet. Keep distractions away from you while you’re training, or your workout won’t be as effective! Plus, remember that you’re training with heavy equipment. Stay focused and stay safe.

Listen to music 

As long as it doesn’t get too distracting, a good technique to get the most out of your workout is to listen to music. It doesn’t just cut boredom. It also helps increase stamina and put you in a better mood. Next time you need some extra gym motivation, try music. 

Drink enough water

To crush your workout, quench it! Drinking water helps your digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. Bottom line — you need to drink water during your workouts. It’s not optional, especially if you’re pushing your body to its limits! 


Try an energy drink

For another extra gym boost, check out energy drinks. We recommend Amino GT. Its 8 grams of amino acids readily support muscle growth and repair. Strenuous training requires additional amino acids for energy, muscle building, and recovery. What’s compelling about Amino GT is that it also includes 5 grams of BCAAs, the dosage that has been clinically shown to reduce muscle soreness and assist with recovery. 


Get more sleep

Truly restful sleep is far more important than we might believe. Our bodies need sleep in order to be healthy, strong, and performing at their best! To be refreshed. To help our muscles grow. To help repair our body’s tissues, and synthesize our hormones. And that’s just the beginning. Read Why You Should Get More Sleep This Year. 

Train with free weights

If you’re solely using machines for your workouts, you’re taking the easy way out. Lifting free weights is harder, and that extra exertion helps your muscles get bigger and stronger. That burns more calories, maximizing your workout. 

Don’t be afraid to relax 

A break is always welcome, but schedules often preclude them. When feeling tired and sore, maybe it’s time for a break. To regroup, try some yoga or even a nice deep-tissue massage. That can really get out all the muscle kinks, making your next workout even better. 

Keep your body guessing

Your body actually learns and will get used to you doing the same workout every day. That will cause you to hit a plateau! Keep changing up your training by introducing “muscle confusion”. No, the muscles don’t really get “confused”. You just outsmart your own body and get in shape faster. 

Get a workout buddy

If you’re someone who needs that extra push in the gym to get your training session going and stick with it, consider hitting the gym with a workout buddy. The friendly competition can provide that magic extra motivation, and help nudge you further toward your goals without you even realizing it. 

Further beneficial Pre-, During, and Post-workout supplementing

In addition to using a pre-workout a half hour before training, a post-workout after training can maximize your muscular output, recovery & building. A very beneficial one is CARBOTEIN®, because it’s actually for more than just post-workout. Taken before and during your workout, you can increase your muscular work output and endurance, increase your muscle building, and increase your ability to perform, recover, and gain. For workouts lasting more than 90 minutes, a serving of Carbotein further supports glucose levels and sustained muscular output. 

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