How to Reach Your Fitness Goals

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals 

Much respect to you for deciding to improve your fitness. But to actually succeed, you’ll want to should set forth some specific fitness goals.

Research says that of the 30% of people who do set goals, only 20% of those reach them. Bottom line: Be in the group who do set goals, and you’ll set yourself up for success. Knowing that the stats are against you, advance planning is key.

Here’s a list of tips to help you focus on how to reach your fitness goals. 

Set short-term goals with the long term in mind

Short term goals are just that — they’re short. They could be anywhere between 10 minutes to a few days, weeks, months, or even a year long. 

Being relatively brief, they can seem easier to achieve, and possibly less important. As a result, people sometimes actually skip setting short-term goals. Not a good idea! Short-term goals can take a lot of time and may be just as difficult to accomplish as long-term goals. So, don’t underestimate them. 

The answer? Start by setting short-term goals while keeping your longer-term goals in mind. This way, as you’re working in the short term, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your longer-term goals, too. 

Be guided by measurable performance goals

Make sure you set measurable performance goals. For example, when you start working out, you might only be able to do 5 push-ups at a time. Knowing that, you can then set yourself a performance goal to push yourself harder — to doing 10, 20, 30, or more push-ups. Setting measurable goals makes it easier to see how much work you’ve put in and how far you’ve come. Seeing that you’re making measurable progress will keep you motivated! 

Set progressive goals that are attainable

Make sure when you’re setting goals that you can make progress towards, and achieve. There’s no sense in setting impossible goals. Not reaching them will diminish your confidence. 

Let’s say your end goal is to do 50 push-ups at once, but you can only do 5 right now, it’s okay to start by setting a progress goal of doing 10 and then building your way up to more. Small steps eventually turn into big leaps. 

Follow through on your goals

You’re going to have to put in the time and sweat to actually accomplish your goals. They won’t magically happen on their own.  

Stay motivated, and reward yourself at milestones, too

On the path to reaching your goals, there will be setbacks. Every successful person knows failure is going to happen at some point. Don’t be in denial about it — just stay psyched keep on course. 

Our brains love rewards. Little things like giving yourself a well-deserved “cheat treat” when you reach a milestone, or rewarding yourself by giving yourself a small present, can be perfect, in-the-moment motivators.

For some, the end goal may be all the reward that’s needed. Even if that’s you, we recommend rewarding yourself on your journey, to help keep you on the path to greatness. 

Have fun with it!

Life is too short to not be having fun with your workout routine. If you’re not having fun, find something new and different workout routine to try. You’ll have a better time and your results will improve. Don’t forget to have fun!

Align your personal and fitness goals

On your quest to reaching your fitness goals, also consider about your personal goals. Plan out your personal and fitness goals, and determine how to get them into alignment as early in your fitness journey as possible. 

The next time you set any fitness goal, refer back here for unique ways to help you reach your fitness goals! And whatever your fitness goals are, you can find all that you need at 


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