How to Stay Motivated

The key to successfully completing anything worth doing is staying motivated. Reaching your health and fitness goals might well be the biggest project or goal that you’ll ever take on. So, getting and staying motivated to stick with it are paramount to your success. Be mindful of the following 11 suggestions, and you should be golden!


  1. Workout with Friends 

Having camaraderie around you to support your workouts can help tremendously. An easy way to stay motivated is by working out with friends. You’ll have an helpful “accountability partner” or team, and it can turn workouts into more of a friendly competition. You’ll be moved to train even harder.  


  1. Be Optimistic 

Optimism beats negativity every time. One way to stay optimistic is to always counter negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Keep doing that and soon your brain will be wired for positivity!


  1. Start Your Day Right 

Enjoying your favorite song, reading inspirational quotes, or even watching a short motivational video can all be very appealing. Find a simple approach that works for you, and stay with it. Mediation, listening to positive affirmations, or prayer can all be highly motivating approaches.


  1. Push Yourself 

Sometimes all we really need is a little extra push. Next time you feel yourself wavering on your path to your goals, just keep pushing through. That little inspirational, motivational nudge might be all you need. 


  1. Schedule Time For Important Things

Workouts, breaks, and even sleep all benefit from being on a schedule. The more time you can allocate, the easier it’ll be for you to stay motivated and stay on track. 


  1. Plan Your Workouts Ahead of Time

Sometimes, it just feels impossible to self-motivate. The solution? Simply start planning your weekly workouts ahead of time. In fact, if you’re not already planning your week in detail, start now! That way, you’ll have the reason you need to follow through on your training promises to yourself. 


  1. Have a Set Workout Space

A predictable, designated workout space works wonders. Conditioning your mind to think of working out whenever you’re in a certain space, you’ll do it. No matter if the space is at home or at the gym, as long as you’ve defined one for yourself, you’re much more likely to keep consistent.  


  1. Re-set Your Training Mindset

You have to believe fully 100% that you can do something, in order to succeed at it. Try starting to think like a bodybuilder, for example. Workout every day, eat healthy, and do all the other things your research reveals that  bodybuilders do. Soon, you’ll become one.  

  1. Set Realistic Goals 

It’s self-explanatory, really. Setting goals that you know you can achieve will keep you going strong! 


  1. Have Some Fun

Working out shouldn’t be considered a chore. Keep your workouts fun and motivating, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your routine.


  1. Get an Extra Boost 

A complete Pre-Workout formula with lower stims can provide a very motivating boost. You’ll be able to intensify your muscle pumps and experience smooth, focused energy from the time you walk into the gym until your workout ends, with GAT’s JetFuse Pre-Workout. JETFUSE is a complete, hard-hitting pre-workout with clinically-studied ingredients proven to increase strength, size, muscle endurance, and recovery. It comes in delicious Exotic Fruit and Blue Raspberry flavors enjoyed around the world!


Formula Advantages:

  • Supports lasting muscle pumps, muscle size, and stamina.
  •  It’s not over-stimulating. Instead, it produces a smooth, focused energy feeling. Contains 200mg Caffeine.
  •  Helps optimize muscle anabolism with “critical cluster” amino acids: Glutamine, Arginine, and BCAAs.
  •  Beta-Alanine and Citrulline support training performance and exercise endurance.


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