Keeping fit and healthy over Fifty: Do this today.

Staying fit over 50 can feel like it’s getting harder by the day. That’s because there can be numerous internal and external forces quietly working against you that collectively make staying fit progressively more challenging. Let’s discuss how to combat them, and why they’re worth the extra effort! Needless to say, what you get back will depend directly on the effort you put in.

Feels like 50+ challenges

At or about age 50, you just have to approach health and fitness differently. A combination of the chemistry changing within your body, body pain and discomfort, can make continuing the fitness lifestyle you’re used to, daunting. So, start with a positive attitude about where to go from here. You’ll be amazed at how adopting a positive outlook is helpful every day.

Reversing diminishing metabolism

First, do you notice your metabolism slowing down?

It can be subtle, or more obvious. The body’s metabolism is an internal factor that changes with age, so it’s worth paying attention to, and acting on any perceived changes. Maybe you found yourself burning more calories 10 or 20 years ago. Now, if you have a piece of dessert, you feel bloated for a day or more. The slower your metabolism, the more difficult it will be to burn calories. That can directly affect controlling the body fat you notice.

You don’t have to accept this new normal.

Let’s boost your metabolism with exercise! In fact, elevating your metabolism through exercise can help not only control body fat, but start to increase your testosterone levels. Common ways to boost your metabolism include beginning each morning with a 20-30 minute cardio exercise. Try a brisk walk, eating 4-5 smaller meals per day, and making weight training a part of your lifestyle three or more times per week.

If you have a lot of fat to lose, you can readily kick-start your fat burning with a so-called thermogenic fat-burning supplement. GAT Sport makes that very easy.

Aches and Pains on the rise

It’s very common for your body to feel “beat up” as you get older. The good news is that you can improve your mobility and flexibility at any age! Without question, fixing it will take dedication.

For example, if you’ve been sitting at a desk job for the last 20-30 years, and you never paid attention to stretching. Or, if you’ve had various injuries and surgeries over the years, various aches and pains can increasingly feel like they’re chronic — your new normal.

Walking, running and the flexibility of bending and stretching are important to maintain. Staying consistent with a mobility and flexibility program can be as simple as dedicating 10 to 20 minutes each day to various stretches and mobility exercises.


Source: GAT Sport


Body Chemistry

As a male, one of the most important hormones your body makes is testosterone. Truly the jack of all trades, it regulates your mood, improves strength and sex drive, helps control body fat, and assisting with recovery. It directly impacts so much of how you feel, every day.

Reality check: As men age, their testosterone levels decline at varying rates. Your body will simply produce far less testosterone after your 40s and 50s, than you had in your 20s or 30s.

The less testosterone your body manufactures and that you have on hand, the more difficult it can be to lose that annoying body fat, to recover after a workout, or to markedly improve your strength.

Exercising or working out for ten to thirty minutes, 3 to 4 times a week is a great way to help naturally elevate your testosterone levels. Certain diets are also found to promote healthy testosterone. Fatty fish, dark greens, eggs, steak, and even avocados are all found to be useful in elevating this hormone.

Exercise can also help combat diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Simple and small changes have a drastic impact. But it’s up to you to stay consistent.

There are plenty of premium quality GAT Sport supplements on the market today that you can take to start generating a healthy increased testosterone production in the body.

Whether new Testrol® PlatinumTestrol Originaland Testrol Gold ES, each have formula advantages. We invite you to compare and contrast, based on your goals. Testrol Platinum uses especially compelling new technology to boost total testosterone by up to 132%. It can restore youthful, energetic vigor and revive that masculine feeling. Amongst its potent ingredients is LJ-100®, the top clinically backed pro-testosterone ingredient recognized as a natural alternative to test replacement therapy*. Start turning back the clock and restore lost energy today with GAT Testrol Platinum.

These supplements have a great blend of natural herbs and ingredients that are simply difficult or impossible to consume during a typical daily diet. Using a testosterone supplement for the recommended cycle period (typically between 6-8 weeks) is a great way to jumpstart your testosterone-boosting journey.

Check in with your doctor

Both metabolism boosters and testosterone boosters provide many positive training benefits. With any medication or supplement, there can be side effects. So, always get your primary doctor’s opinion before starting any new regimen. Be sure to realistically describe any aches and pains, so your doctor can make additional suggestions if warranted.

The payoff is a feel-good future

You’ve got a lot to live. Your fitness level can directly influence not only your health, but your overall quality of life and longevity, too. Fifty, after all, is quite an accomplishment. And one that’s preamble for so many more achievements you have coming your way.

Stay the course!


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