Pumptropic is hygroscopic by nature

For sheer potency, energy, pumps, and extreme focus before, during, and after your workouts, GAT PUMPTROPIC™ is great!

So, why does the powder sometimes clump before or after mixing? It’s because in addition to Pumptropic’s other workout superpowers, it’s also naturally hygroscopic. 

Pure and simple: Clumping is very common in most pre-workouts and protein shakes because the powders can be subject to hygroscopy. Stated simply, protein and/or fat molecules in the formula attract water. Rest assured that even if Pumptropic is clumping, it’s efficacy is identical! 

Clumps can be annoying, so taking some simple steps before leaving for the gym will prevent distractions before training.


Here’s how to declumpify.

Store your pre-workout or protein powder in a kitchen cabinet or other cool, dry place. Be sure the lid is always on tight. This is especially true if you live in a humid climate. 

When no matter how hard you shake it up, clumps persist, do this: Use a shaker cup with a metal ball inside. Older and more common plastic shaker cups just don’t mix and blend ingredients as well. Clumping is so common, shaker cups with a metal shaker ball inside were designed to declump and mix contents quickly and smoothly. 

If you don’t have a shaker with a metal ball inside, you can try:


  • Before opening the container, shake it vigorously to break up clumps.
  • Use a stirrer or other utensil to stir and break up the powder before you scoop it out. 
  • Use a simple mesh sifter or a mechanical flour sifter. They can easily break up clumps.


To review:

Store in a dry, cool space. Make sure the lid is on tight.

Before adding, shake it up. 

Use a shaker cup with a metal ball inside.

Find out more about powerful GAT Pumptropic here. 


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