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Team Gat Athlete Angeica Teixeira Road to Olympia Glutes Hamstring workout


With only 12 weeks out to Olympia Competition, Ms. Olympia Bikini Pro Athlete  Angelica Teixeira brings her A- Game with this glutes & hamstrings workout. Here is a workout from Angelica's Road to Olympia video series.

Glutes & Hamstring Workout Circuit

Cable Squats  - 4x15/12/12/10
Cable Deadlift - 4x12/15 reps
Step Back Lunge on smith machine - 4x12/15 reps
Nne leg side ways leg press - 3x15 reps each leg
Cable kickbacks - 4x12 + 12 pulses
Glutes kickback on the smith machine - 4x10/12 reps each leg 

For more training tips for Anbgelica Teixeira follow her on Instagram @Angelicaht