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Team GAT Athlete, Eren Legend Demonstrates a Bent Over Row

Bent Over rows are a great upper body workout to gain strength, mass and definition form is critical to achieving the best results. Take the bent over row. If you want to build 'wings', its' all correct alignment. This exercise isolates areas such as the lats, mid to lower traps and even the shoulder blade itself!  It will also transfer in other body-weight movements such as chin ups, pull ups and even increase your numbers in compound movements like the deadlifts.

Follow these instructions:

1) - Start by loading the hips, hinging back to a 45° angle or even lower.

2) - Secure and engage your core, and you are ready to GO, assuring a neutral spine (flat). Avoid hyper extension of the neck or roundness of the upper and lower back.

3)  -  Before Initiating the Pull/ Row, make sure you retract your shoulder blades together and keep those elbows tucked rowing the weight up towards your mid abdominals .

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