Team GAT Athlete Sadik Hadzovic Training Tips - EZ-Bar Curls

If you’re looking to really make significant gains and get your biceps pop then start incorporating EZ-Bar Curls to your next routine. Sadik personally favors EZ-Bar Curls over straight bar because they  alleviate pressure on the elbows & put your wrists and elbows in a more natural position than a straight bar. This movement will increase growth and tap into new muscle fibers that may have been dormant. Focus on the squeeze at the top and be mindful of the weight your choosing. Make it count.

EZ-Bar Curls: (3-4 Sets x 12-15 Reps)

1) Hold EZ Curl Bar Shoulder-Width Apart.
2) Palms Face Forward | Elbows Close To Torso.
3) Curl & Contract Biceps| Breathe Out.
4) Forearms Should Only Move.
5) Contract & Squeeze, Bar At Shoulder Level.
6) Bring Back To Starting Position | Breathe In.
7) Repeat For 12-15 Reps.

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