GAT Sport Training Tip from Sadik Hadzovic - Cable Flys


To acheive the best results, it's always going to be about consistency. When training Chest for example, If you’re lacking a pump try incorporating a pre exhaust movement like chest flys before getting into your routine. You will notice that if you're in tune enough with the mind to muscle connection and “squeeze” at the top you will quickly get an amazing pump and have full activation when it comes to your heavier lifts. .


CABLE FLYS: (3-4 Sets | 12-15 Reps)

2️⃣Take A Stance That Provides You The Best Balance.

3️⃣Lean Torso Slightly Forward.

4️⃣Arms Flared Slightly Outward.

5️⃣Bring Both Handles Together.

6️⃣Motion Should Be Like “Hugging A Tree.”

7️⃣Contract & Squeeze At The Top.

8️⃣Slowly Reverse Back To Starting Position.

9️⃣Repeat 12-15 Reps For 3-4 Sets.


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