Unique Ways to Boost Your Immune System

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about traditional ways to properly maintain boost your immune system. Typically, the advice centers around taking your vitamins, handwashing, and eating your fruits and vegetables.

But there are even more immunity-boosting techniques to pay attention to:

Floss your teeth

This alone is far healthier than you might think. Tooth flossing does 40% of the work in removing the damaging bacteria from your mouth. When your body has bacteria in it, such as the bacteria that loves to stick around and cling to teeth, your immune system has to “work overtime” to fight off disease. As you floss, you’re helping your body stay healthier: it doesn’t have to work as hard to fight off the bacteria in your mouth. Instead, it can turn its attention to fighting other pressing germs and viruses. Make the time to floss several times a day, if possible, as a part of toothbrushing two to three times a day.

Reduce your stress

You’ll reduce your chances of getting sick when you reduce stress. If you’re worrying about possibly getting sick because you’re stressing out a lot, try meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises to mitigate the stresses. 

Eat smelly foods 

Sure, healthy foods like fruits and vegetables have long been known to help your immune system stay healthy. But, smelly foods? Yes, eating smelly foods helps boost your immune system, too. Foods like garlic and ginger, especially. They’re known to have immune-boosting properties. Add those smelly foods to your very next meal. And make it a habit!   

Get a massage

Research suggests that getting regular massages actually increases blood flow throughout the body. That results in flushing the toxins that build up in your body. And, that boosts your immune system. Next time you get a massage, feel extra-relaxed knowing that your body is fighting off germs and viruses even more effectively. Like you need another reason to get a massage, right?

Go to the Chiropractor

Chiropractic care can help relieve body pain as well as provide some immune-boosting power. When you visit a chiropractor for an adjustment, your nervous system is also getting adjusted. Since the nervous system is in charge of all the functions of the body, including your immune system, so there could be some positive results on your immune system.  

Get frisky

It’s true! Getting frisky can be the key to boosting your immune system. When you get frisky, the body produces additional antibodies that actively work to provide protection from bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Be more frisky more often, and you’ll tend to get sick less often. 

Take a bath

Not only does taking a bath relax you, which as you read earlier in this article, helps reduce stress and therefore boosts your immune system. But, by taking a bath, your blood flows easier which helps bring oxygen throughout your body. This allows you to breathe even deeper and relaxes you even further. Plus, research also shows that taking a hot bath can kill bacteria, improving your immunity. 

Be one with nature 

The foods we eat are just one way nature boosts your immune system. Spending time in nature helps you stay happier, and decreases your risk of sickness and disease. Foods found in nature like fruits and vegetables bolster your immune system to help it perform better. Keep safe and healthy by eating your naturally-made foods on a daily basis. And eat them outdoors!

Take the right supplements

Make sure you’re consuming your recommended daily intake of beneficial vitamins and minerals. That’s a great way to boost your immune system and help your body to perform at its best. Here’s a truly power-packed immunity booster: the Immune Power Training Stack

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