Ways to optimize the effects of
a thermogenic supplement

effects of a thermogenic supplement

Fat burner. Fat melter. Belly fat melter. Fat igniter. Fat torch. Thermo. Thermogenic. They’re all terms in popular use around the world to describe supplements that produce what’s called a thermogenic  effect in the body.  

Thermogenic supplements have been around for decades, but have evolved and been vastly improved over time. Today’s are closer than ever to being a magic bullet for weight loss acceleration and reaching fitness goals.  

Burned fat exits the body through sweating, as water in urine, and amazingly, roughly 80% leaves in carbon dioxide when exhaling. (But, even though it’s sometimes called burning, smoke will not be coming out of your ears.) Some thermogenics work more effectively than others, so it’s important to compare labels. 

Besides taking a thermogenic simply by following label directions, you can also optimize and improve their results. But before diving into optimization, let’s first review what an authentic thermogenic is, and what that can do for you.  


What defines a true thermogenic? 

A thermogenic effect (thermogenesis) is a heat-producing  effect. As the body burns calories, heat is generated. Thermogenic supplements are those that increase metabolism and caloric burn. Since some people are more sensitive to stimulant ingredients than others, there are thermogenics containing stimulants such as caffeine. And, there are stimulant-free (non-stim) thermogenics. For convenience, they’re often available as capsules, powder, liquid, and even gummies. 


How to optimize thermogenic results: 

Your laser-focused goal is to burn stubborn body fat and lose weight once and for all, right? A fat burner will help, but won’t do all the work for you. Here’s a definitive list to maximize your results:  

Start with a well-rounded diet. You don’t suddenly need to slash your calorie intake. Just be mindful of the foods you eat. Most importantly, get the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Consult the readily available guidelines out there. Put an emphasis on nutrient-rich foods. Avoid empty calories and desserts (unless it’s your cheat day, of course).  

Exercise regularly. You’ll find it provides endless physical and  mental health benefits. However you get it in, a weekly exercise routine is vital. It will supercharge your results from your thermogenic even further. Start small and work your way into at least 3-4 workouts per week that feel right for you. 
Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is another important step to optimize thermogenic effects. Dehydration can slow metabolic rate. That alone can make it more challenging to burn fat. Conversely, drinking water throughout the day helps keep metabolism running smoothly. It can also help curb appetite and help ward off empty calorie temptations.  
Stack additional supplements. Consider taking supplements that complement each other. For example, a lean protein shake supplement delivers extra protein throughout the day instead of a high-calorie meal. A pre-workout supplement can provide just the right energy boost to get through that workout after a long workday.  

Stay consistent, and stay the course. Setting fitness goals is meant to challenge and push you out of your comfort zone. Don’t expect immediate results. Even with thermogenics and optimization, the process will take patience and effort. That will be true whether you’re trying to lose weight, run a marathon, or pack on lean muscle. Don’t get discouraged. Staying consistent is critical to your success.  


Turn up the heat! 

These supplements are great to invigorate you to begin and sustain weight loss. But remember, thermogenics should be seen as part of a consistently administered complete regimen as outlined in the five steps above. Start chasing your weight loss goals today. The suggestions above will help guide you to success. 



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