How to Successfully Train at Home and Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle

There are days when working out at the gym just isn’t possible. Maybe there’s a snowstorm. Or, wildfires just shut down your roads. You've overslept and don’t have enough time to get there. Or, the gym is totally shut down with the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Luckily, you can still work out at home. (Can't you? Sure!)

Whatever your reason for working out at home, it's possible for you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.  

Get enough sleep 

Sleep is vitally important for functioning well everyday. It helps your body recover and get ready for the new day ahead. Research suggests we get at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night, but if your body is fighting something off like the flu or a cold, your body may need even more sleep. 

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Drink enough water

Your body is much better able to recover faster from training as well as sickness, when you drink enough water. Plus, it also helps your body’s vital functioning including digestion, absorption, circulation, the creation of saliva, the transportation of nutrients, and general maintenance of body temperature. 

Have a designated workout space

Being at home can be very distracting. There’s a never-ending list of things to do...dishes, laundry, well as watching TV. All that can make it tough to work out at home. To ensure you can train while homebound, set up a designated workout station. That will help orient you to the space, first preparing your mind to happily train your body when you’re in that designated location.

Take advantage of free workout apps and trials

There are now so many free workout apps and free trial app options available out there. If you’re stuck at home training and feel like you want to switch it up, consider trying a new app or start a free trial. Take some time and research several, online. You may just find your new favorite fitness app and new favorite free workout videos. There are many great training videos at

Keep your mind and body healthy

It’s important to not only keep your body healthy, but your mind, too. After all, they're connected. If your mind is in a bad place, then your body will be sure to follow - and vice versa. Start your morning with a workout and meditation to ensure you’re keeping your mind and body healthy together. 

Get a few pieces of training equipment

Consider getting a floor mat and some dumbbells or kettlebells (or both) to use for your at-home workouts. Getting proper workout attire like workout shoes that you can use indoors, will also help a lot.

Make your home workout even harder than normal 

The reason why we love training at home is that you don’t have to fight over equipment. And, there’s no one around to make you feel self-conscious about yourself. This means that you can try those moves that you were too nervous to do at the gym. Plus, you can push yourself harder than normal. After all, you don’t have to worry about looking like a sweaty crazy person. There's no one else is around to see it! 

Cheat meals are okay

If you completely remove all the things that you love from your diet, you’ll be miserable, which is just counterproductive to keeping your training on track. Part of maintaining a healthy diet is "cheating" -- giving yourself a break from your stringent regimen every so often. It's okay to have a cheat meal here and there. It'll help you maintain an ongoing positive spirit. And that sense of well being will contribute to your everyday training successes. The whole point of working out and getting in shape is to be healthy and stay healthy, but if your mind isn’t healthy (so to speak), then it’ll be that much harder for your body to maintain good health. 

Make your health a priority

When you train at home and cut out the amount of time it takes to drive to and from the gym, park, lock your stuff up in the locker room, find machines that are available for you to use, and so on, you can use that time saved to focus on YOU. Put yourself first by making sure your workouts and meals are continually on point to help you reach your goals. 

In order to ensure your body is receiving all the necessary vitamins and nutrients, it needs to thrive, consider adding a supplement or protein powder to your daily routine. If you have specific health goals or needs, visit to browse the wide array of products specifically designed to help you and athletes like you to meet those goals.