Steve Laureus

Steve Laureus
IFBB Classic Physique Pro

Date of Birth: February 24, 1986
Hometown: Long Island, NY, USA
Stage Weight: 215
Height: 5'10 1/2” 

I am originally from Haiti, but I am now a United States citizen. I became interested in fitness and working out during high school. It was always a dream of mine to compete on the Olympia stage and inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Currently, I continue to bodybuild competitively and help others reach their fitness and nutrition goals. My motivation everyday includes my family, friends and desire to always be better. I am very blessed to have supportive people in my life who always encourage me to continue following my dreams. I set very specific goals for myself, which hold me accountable and I hope to achieve each and every one before the year ends. In my opinion, if you are not working towards something or trying to better yourself, it is extremely difficult to stay motivated and become successful. Feel free to add him on PSN - Steve.Laureus


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