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8 Secret Health Benefits of Vegetables You Never Knew You Needed to Know

8 Secret Health Benefits of Vegetables You Never Knew You Needed to Know - GAT SPORT

8 Secret Health Benefits of Vegetables You Never Knew You Needed to Know

 So, why do people hate vegetables, anyway? We know they’re beneficial to health. You’d think that by now, you’d know everything there is to possibly know about veggies, right? After all, they’re not that mysterious, right? Or are they?

 It turns out there’s more to veggies than just the garden-variety reasons to feature them in your diet. Go grab some celery stalks and read on for the inside story. (The good news is, it’s all good!)

 What we eat has a direct impact on health.

 Very often, someone who’s described as “a healthy eater” is avoiding the truly good foods like vegetables. Just not eating healthy, after all. Vegetables hardly contain any sugar, fat, or cholesterol. That’s exactly the combination our body needs to thrive!

 Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Veggies Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Diseases

The reason why we see so much advice telling us to eat more fruits and vegetables is scientific evidence. Research now strongly suggests that the more vegetables and fruit we eat, the less likely we are to develop chronic diseases. Pretty simple.

  1. Veggies Deliver the Goods: Nutrients

Vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients. They can help you increase the amount of fiber and potassium you consume. Those are two of the most important nutrients we typically don’t get enough of. 

  1. Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Leafy greens are rich in nitrates. That helps manage blood pressure. Eating 1-2 servings of vegetables a day has also been shown to help hypertension.   

  1. Deliciously Low-Fat Snacks

Vegetables are very low-fat, low in calories, and contain almost no sugar. Plus, they have zero cholesterol, and are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. All, essential to health, allowing you to eat more while still maintaining your health and weight.    

  1. They Help Your Vision

Research shows that specific vitamins found in vegetables — vitamins E and A — can help slow age-related vision problems. That can lower your risk of long-term eye diseases like AMD and cataracts. 

You’ll see what we mean when you read more about the vegetables helpful to vision here:

  1. Reduce Your Chances of Getting Diabetes

Researchers tell us kale can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Vegetables can lower caloric intake, which helps reduces the opportunities to develop diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

  1. Strengthen Bones 

Vitamin K is essential to body health and strong bones. Spinach contains the full daily requirement. Iron improves energy and the health of your blood, as well as magnesium that improves muscle and nerve function. It’s also rich in antioxidants, supports your heart, and may help lower your blood pressure. 

  1. Reduce Your Risk of Cancers

Start adding broccoli to a couple of your meals a week! Certain vegetables like broccoli can actually lower your risk of developing and growing cancers. Healthline’s 13 Foods That Could Lower Your Risk of Cancer is a great read, to learn more about cancer-fighting foods.

Like to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, but not sure where to start? 

 GAT Sport is a premium supplement brand that helps athletes all over the world to get healthier, stronger, and more competitive. They have an Energizing Plant Superfood Mix called Sport Greens. It’s packed with supportive antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients for good health. The carefully selected fruits and vegetables in GAT Sport Greens delivers antioxidants helpful in reducing stress risks. Many of the superfoods used in Sport Greens are freeze-dried, which guarantees minimal oxidation and loss of potency to deliver nutrients close to their natural state.

 With GAT Sport Greens you can expect: 

  • To consume 20 Superfoods at once
  • A good source of Phytonutrients in every cup
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  • Alkalize, detoxified, and all-natural ingredients
  • Zero caffeine 
  • A non-GMO & gluten-free mixture
  • Delicious Mixed Berry Flavor, for your enjoyment! 


Who wouldn’t believed veggies work in mysterious and wonderfully healthy ways? Remember, you are what you eat. Add leafy greens to your cart, and truly eat healthy.

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