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How to OWN the Stage at Your Next Bodybuilding Show

How to OWN the Stage at Your Next Bodybuilding Show - GAT SPORT

How to OWN the Stage at Your Next Bodybuilding Show

Getting ready for your next bodybuilding show can be a stressful time — for you and your loved ones. First, because there’s so much to do. And, because one wrong move can take you on a straight line to failure! 

Everything worth competing for takes effort. And, with a little help, you can OWN your next bodybuilding show! 

Retaining water has tripped up many bodybuilding competitors. If you don’t cut enough water and get your physique to a more paper-thin shredded look, you could lose definition. Then, your muscles won’t look tight at showtime. Conversely, if you don’t drink enough water, your body won’t metabolize fat as efficiently.

Step up, and let’s uncover how to own the stage:


Be Prepared

It’s the number one rule to achieving your goals. Be prepared! After all, do you think The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger just sit back and let things happen? No! They’re proactive: they work hard and plan ahead!

Be Realistic

Often the easiest way to succeed is to start by setting a realistic goal. If this is your first bodybuilding show, then your goal should not be to win it. Sure would be nice to win, but let’s get real. Setting smaller, more achievable goals will help you perform better.

If you see yourself winning, you’re putting a lot of stress on yourself. And that may actually hurt your chances. Generally, the bodybuilders courageous enough to appear in these shows often have many years of training and experience coming in as #5. Or worse, as #20. Set realistic goals, work hard, and good things will follow! 

Give Yourself a Break 

During your training, don’t forget that it’s healthy to take breaks! Give your body (and mind) a rest when you need it. Afterward, you’ll be refreshed and ready to go kick some butt!

Develop a Plan

Before you start any new venture, make a plan. If you’re starting a new company, creating a business plan is job #1. When you’re planning to compete in a bodybuilding show, start by making a plan! It’s been said that, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!” The opposite is also true: When you develop a plan in advance, you’re planning to succeed. 

Yet, don’t think a plan is all you need to succeed. Some people get stuck in planning mode and never do anything. Don’t be like them. You have to take real action to see real results! 

Do Heavy-Light Supersets

You can gain muscle, strength, and burn fat faster by doing heavy-light supersets. To perform a superset, do two exercises back to back with no rest in between. An example of a heavy-light superset would be a heavy squat set of 2-3 reps, immediately followed by 2-3 reps of shoulder shrugs. 

The main reason why so many people love doing heavy-light supersets is because they help you maximize your muscle gain. And, when you do high reps, your body is doing more work, and you burn more calories. If your goal is getting leaner, include some lighter, higher rep sets in your training. 

Read more about heavy-light supersets in this article: How to Burn Body Fat and Build Muscle with Heavy-Light Supersets. 

Mix Up Your Workouts

Science has discovered that the human body is smart enough to actually get used to routines. When you don’t vary your training routine, you will most likely quickly hit a plateau. When you do, your goals will take that much longer to achieve. By mixing up your workouts, you’ll be able to keep your body off balance and continue getting the gains you’re working for. 

If you’re looking to mix up your workout routines, then check out this article on the 8 Different Weight Training Sets to Build Muscle. 

Planning for Peak Week

Peak week is the week before a bodybuilding contest—it’s your make or break. And it can determine whether you OWN the stage or completely blow it. 

The goal of peak week is to dial it in — maximizing your muscular size and fitness while minimizing water retention. The three key things you need to focus on during peak week are Carbohydrates, Water, and your Sodium/Potassium Balance. Getting these three things right will help you look larger and leaner on stage! For more on Peak Week Training, visit

It’s also well worth mentioning that adding a protein powder or supplement to your regimen, can help you reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.

Supplement your training with a Protein Powder

It may seem simple, but it could be that extra boost to propel you to greatness! Get 100% committed and supplement your workout with a protein powder. But which one? There are great options at 

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