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The Easy Way to Feel Better – 3 Benefits of Boron

The Easy Way to Feel Better – 3 Benefits of Boron - GAT SPORT

If you were to walk down the street and ask people, you’ll probably find that 9 out of 10 people have no idea what boron is.  Let’s be honest, it’s not a “super-hyped” or “interesting” ingredient.  That being said, boron has some amazing benefits and it’s for that reason it’s highly recommended. 

While boron is technically a trace mineral, it’s not deemed essential.  This is interesting as the benefits that can be experienced through its use are extremely advantageous.  Below you will find three benefits of boron and how they can make you feel better on a daily basis.


1.    Increase Testosterone Levels 

Gentlemen, I have some bad news.  All of those great gains you had in your teens and twenties, they’re about to get a little harder.  Right around the age of 30, your testosterone levels begin to drop.  When this happens, you have two choices – fix it or leave it alone.  If you leave it alone and wind up with low testosterone, it can cause fatigue, a loss in lean muscle mass, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, weakness, bone disease, and more.  Sound like fun?  Definitely not.  In fact, those who suffer from low testosterone may find the onset of depression.

Supplementing with boron can help you boost your natural testosterone levels and help keep them in the normal range.  On top of helping to preserve and build muscle, testosterone is vital for cognition and memory.  One thing you don’t want to brush off to the side is your testosterone.


2.    Boost Brain Health 

Piggybacking off of the cognition and memory benefits from above, the use of a boron supplement can also help boost brain health.  When you suffer from a boron deficiency, you may find that your brain activity decreases.  What this can result in is poor short-term memory as well as a shorter attention span.  Not having adequate boron could also lead to coordination issues which could make everyday tasks more difficult.

Taking boron or a supplement that includes boron can help prevent such issues and prevent a deficiency. 


3.    Improve Joint Health

Living with joint pain is no fun.  Every time you move something hurts or aches.  This can negatively affect your quality of life.  When supplementing with boron, the ingredient helps increase the concentration of this trace mineral in the joint itself and can help alleviate some (if not all) of the pain while also helping improve overall joint health at the same time.

Your quality of life matters and as we age, the last thing we want to happen is for our health and mobility to decline and cause us to lose our freedom.  By utilizing boron, you can help prevent the deterioration of your joint health and keep them healthy so you can continue pushing yourself in the gym.




There’s Nothing Boring About Boron

Do you want to continue feeling great as you age?  Do you worry about your testosterone levels as well as your brain and joint health?  If so, GAT Sport has two stellar products that include boron – Nitraflex and ZMAG+T. 

Nitraflex is a potent pre-workout that helps enhance a pump while supporting healthy testosterone levels and ZMAG+T is an overnight recovery product that helps promote testosterone production while supporting a healthy night's sleep. Learn more about how your testosterone levels affect your mental health.

Don’t wait for the negative effects of a boron deficiency to slow you down.  Implement it into your supplement regimen now so that you can stay healthy and feel better.


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