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JETFUEL BLACK - premium strength thermogenic
JETFUEL BLACK - key active ingredients
JETFUEL BLACK - usage directions
JETFUEL BLACK - time release caffeine blend
JETFUEL BLACK - supplement facts
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      Premium Strength Thermogenic (90 Capsules)

      Muscular guy pose with Jetfuel Black bottle
      Premium Strength Thermogenic
      Jetfuel Black bottle

      JETFUEL® BLACK is a scientifically advanced, multi-stage formula designed to accelerate fat loss while promoting a general sense of well-being.

      This best-in-class formula was designed to help increase caloric expenditure, heighten metabolic rate and suppress stress-induced cortisol production.

      It may also help support appetite suppression while boosting mental focus and energy. Take the guesswork out of fat loss and enjoy the process!

      Male workout, boosts energy and mental focus
      female pose, help increase caloric expenditure

      Formula Highlights

      • CaloriBurn® works to increase daily caloric expenditure by 97 calories.   
      • CitraFuze® works to help support increased metabolic rate.
      • RhodioPrime® is known to help support healthy stress response and elevated mood.
      • Avoid the crash: Three-stage, time-release caffeine blend.
      Made in the USA - CGMP-Compliant
      Take the guesswork out of fat loss
      Jetfuel Black - Supplement Facts Panel

      Maize Maltodextrin: Promotes low-osmolality conditions for more efficient absorption.

      Rice Maltodextrin: Disperses rapidly in solution.

      Potato Starch: Like Maize Malto, this ingredient promotes low-osmolality conditions.

      Fructose: Promotes replenishment glycogen stores and improves flavor.

      Fibersol®: Ultra-low glycemic index dietary fiber.

      Oligodextrin: Low glycemic energy source.

      Flavors: Orange, Grape

      Sizes:50-servings (1.75 kg/3.85 lbs), Single-serving packets

      Suggested Use:

      PRE-TRAINING: Fuel yourself to spare muscle glycogen (storage form of glucose) and prevent early fatigue, drink 1 serving 15-30 minutes pre-training.

      DURING TRAINING: To support glucose levels and sustain muscular output, drink ½ serving every 30 minutes. Endurance athletes competing in prolonged exercise should sip 1 serving in 8-10oz. water for more energy and hydration.

      POST-TRAINING:  For workouts lasting up to 90 minutes, consume ½-1 serving within 40 minutes post-training. Follow this with at least 20g of high-quality protein, such as 1 serving of Whey Protein®. For workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes, consume 1 serving of CARBOTEIN® post training and another 1 serving 60 minutes later.

      Directions for Use: Prepare each individual serving used by mixing it with 6-8 oz (200-250 ml) of cold wa ter, with ice cubes, if desired, in a shaker bottle, water bottle, or blender. Add 3-4 oz (100-125 ml) of water for each additional serving used.

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