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Nflex 2

Improved Nitraflex


GAT Sport is YOUR brand. We watch, we listen, we learn and we adapt to your evolving wants and needs. For nearly a decade Nitraflex ® has helped professional athletes and weekend warriors improve their performance and their physiques. This is exactly why Nitraflex just got even BETTER. Your feedback has helped us improve the formula by eliminating what you didn't want and by adding ingredients to INTENSITY what you did!

The Most Scientifically Advanced Version to Date!

New & Delicious
Improved Flavor Systems

If you thought the Nitraflex flavors were good before, wait until you try the new and improved mouth-watering flavor systems – they’ll leave you craving more and will quickly become your favorite part of the day.

Inclusion of Patented Nitrosigine®

This incredibly beneficial and patented ingredient has been shown through clinical research to help boost energy, increase blood flow, enhance muscle volume and the pump, combat muscle damage from intense bouts of exercise.*

Serving Size

With a formula this strong, only one scoop (one serving) is recommended. Do not exceed one scoop in a single 24-hour period and refrain from using Nitraflex within five hours of bedtime.

Formulated With
Clinically Studied Ingredients