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3 Effective Workout Routines for Maximizing Fat Loss

3 Effective Workout Routines for Maximizing Fat Loss - GAT SPORT

According to reports, half of the US population hits the gym to lose weight every year. Many of them are trying to engage in workout routines that can help them maximize fat loss and achieve their goal weight.

Besides dieting, resistance training is one of the most effective and commonly used strategies to shed unwanted weight. Hitting the weights can help burn calories and is also incredibly effective for attaining fat loss.

It is commonly said that losing fat and building muscle cannot be accomplished at the same time. They mention that in order to build muscle, you have to eat more and put yourself in a caloric surplus. Then to achieve fat loss, you have to eat fewer calories than your maintenance and put yourself into a deficit. While many consider accomplishing fat loss and muscle-building simultaneously to be impossible, it’s really not. 

According to a study made in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, it was reported that sedentary men could improve their VO2 max, and at the same time, also boost their one-rep max leg press and bench press. Boosting strength and providing the muscles with progressive overload is what helps increase the size and strength of muscle fibers (through a process called hypertrophy).


The Best Workout Routines for Fat Loss 

There are many conventional workout routines out there to help you get ripped. We are going to discuss something beyond those conventional workout routines. Those boring workout routines can be a very one-dimensional way of exercising and can limit the potential of your body’s abilities and its ability to promote fat loss. 

Below, we are going to talk about some workout routines that will offer you better and faster results. Without any time to waste, let’s jump into the workouts that can help you achieve more significant fat loss.


1.     Cardio-Heavy Fat Loss Plan

Mixing cardio with a heavy weight workout plan can help you to lose weight faster. For example, you may go a week utilizing a plan that has two days of full-body strength training, four days of cardiovascular exercise, and then one active recovery day.

You should also ensure that you are moving enough throughout the day and getting in a minimum of 10,000 steps. It may sound silly, but you’d be surprised how little you actually get up and move throughout the day, and achieving your 10,000 steps could be quite difficult for you – but make it happen. 

When you are doing your full-body strength workout, go for the heaviest weight you can handle while still being able to complete at least 12-15 reps without compromising form.


Here’s what this fat loss workout routine would look like: 

Monday: Full-body resistance training along with your daily 10,000 steps

Tuesday: Cardio workout plus your daily 10,000 steps

Wednesday: Full-body resistance training plus daily 10,000 steps

Thursday: Cardio workout plus your daily 10,000 steps

Friday: Cardio workout plus your daily 10,000 steps

Saturday: Cardio workout plus your daily 10,000 steps

Sunday: Active recovery day


2.     20-Minute Barbell or Dumbbell Fat Loss Workout

If you want to maximize your fat loss results from a barbell or dumbbell-only workout, here is a great 20-minute workout you can try.

Utilize the six barbell or dumbbell exercises provided below and move through them in order while ensuring you are hitting the rep range.

Do not take a break or rest until you are done with all the reps of the final exercise of the workout routine. Then, rest for around one minute and again repeat the circuit. Complete 3-4 circuits in total.



10-15 Reps


10-15 Reps

Hip Thrust

10-15 Reps

Military Press

10-15 Reps

Bench Press

10-15 Reps

Bent-Over Row

10-15 Reps


3.     Full-Body Workout for Fat Loss 

When it comes to your workout routines, you need to be thinking about the quality of the workout over the quantity. Just because you’re in the gym for over an hour doesn’t mean your workout is any better than one that only took 30 minutes. If you’re able to up the intensity, you can challenge your muscles while shortening your time spent in the gym as well. 

When it comes to training, many people are doing individual body parts each day, or as we like to call it, a “bro split.” The interesting thing with full-body workouts is that research has shown when you complete three full-body workouts each week, you have a greater ability to enhance fat loss.

Here is another great workout split you can utilize to achieve better results with your fat loss.


Monday: Full-body workout

Tuesday: Cardio and abs

Wednesday: Full-body workout

Thursday: Active recovery day

Friday: Full-body workout

Saturday: Cardio and abs

Sunday: Active recovery/full rest day


The Importance of Resistance Training for Fat Loss 

Resistance training is as important as cardio when it comes to fat loss. The reason being is that our muscles constantly need energy, and therefore, they help burn calories all day long – even when we are at rest or sleeping.

Research has shown that resistance training, whether performed via weights, resistance bands, machines, free weights, or dumbbells, not only helps us to build strength but it also may improve muscle size.

Resistance training also becomes essential as we age for many reasons, such as reducing the accumulation of belly fat, improving bone strength, and helping preserve strength for everyday tasks and activities. 

Something else to consider throwing into your workout routines would be higher-intensity workout sessions. A study showed that high-intensity resistance training can help speed up fat loss when compared to cardio exercise alone.

It was also found that a mixed program of weight training along with aerobic activities led to more significant results in terms of maintaining a healthy body weight and increasing fat loss.


Putting It All Together

The best part of choosing your own workout routines is that you can handpick the ones you find fun, helpful, and beneficial to help you get closer to your goals. Everyone has their own set of goals when it comes to workout routines, and fat loss is one of the most common ones. Do your research thoroughly and go for the ones that you think are right for you.


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