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Boron Makes Vitamin D Invincible

Boron Makes Vitamin D Invincible - GAT SPORT

It’s common to hear that one vitamin or mineral helps with the absorption of another.  In the case of this article, vitamin D plays a vital role in helping with the absorption of calcium.  As we know, calcium is incredibly beneficial as it helps build and maintain strong bones while also being needed for muscular contractions and nerve impulses to transport messages between the body and the brain.  Add boron into the mix, and you can supercharge vitamin D which calcium benefits from.  It’s like stacking the deck in your favor.


Why Should You Combine Boron with Vitamin D? 

For starters, if you haven’t already read my blog post about how boron can make you feel better, I highly suggest you check out the article in the GAT Blog to read up on this trace mineral and some of the benefits you can experience through its use. 

Jumping into things, as mentioned above, vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium.  When you add boron into the fold, you have the ability to extend the half-life of vitamin D.  For those not familiar with the term "half-life," it is the length of time required for the substance (in this case vitamin D) to decrease to half of its original dose.  Boron also helps the body process other minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium.

While we can get some natural vitamin D from the sun, during the colder months of the year, it’s harder to get enough exposure to see a noticeable difference due to the shortened amount of daylight during those particular seasons.  That’s where boron can come in and truly shine (pun intended).

One study found that those who had low levels of vitamin D and supplemented with boron during the winter months (when there are shorter periods of sunlight) were able to increase vitamin D levels by 20%.  Not only can this help the individual feel better during those colder months (usually due to less exposure to sunlight and vitamin D levels which can bring on seasonal depression), but they’ll also be able to better absorb calcium when their levels would normally be lower.


The Key Is to Prevent Deficiencies

While you can take in boron and vitamin D from various foods you consume, most people do not eat a wide variety of food throughout the day which makes it difficult to fulfill all of your micronutrient needs through your diet alone.  For that reason, supplements would be of great assistance to help prevent deficiencies in these nutrients.

GAT Sport covers all of your bases thanks to the help of their Men’s Multi+Test.  Containing adequate amounts of both boron and vitamin D, this product can help you effectively utilize the calcium found in the supplement.  In addition, unlike normal multivitamin supplements, Men’s Multi+Test also contains the men’s virility ingredient Tribulus, which can help support healthy testosterone levels in the body.  The higher your testosterone levels, the greater your potential for building lean muscle.  

Another GAT product that would help you take in a good amount of boron is their advanced Nitraflex pre-workout.  Yes, a pre-workout with added benefits.  Nitraflex contains more elemental boron which can not only help increase the half-life of vitamin D, but you can also increase your natural testosterone levels to assist with adding quality lean muscle mass to your physique.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Focus on taking in adequate amounts of boron and vitamin D to help your body perform optimally and keep you healthy. 

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