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How to improve your gut health

How to improve your gut health - GAT SPORT

When summer is right around the corner, many of us are hoping for a flatter gut when we hit the beach or pool. But hope alone won’t get you there. Depending upon your weight loss goals, it takes advance planning starting months earlier, and lots of effort. Washboard abs? Even more.

What’s on the outside is directly affected by the inside. When we talk about health, we’re really discussing your digestive system and how to continually look after it for optimal results — both during summer, and for the long term.

Having proper eating habits and adequate amounts of exercise are foundational to achieving the sleek body of your dreams. Unfortunately, most fad diets have been debunked, and there is no one magic solution. 

To help you reach your gut health goals, there are supplements that are proven to help. The healthier your gut is, and the flatter your stomach, the better you’ll feel. And that’s always appreciated.

Let’s check out some tried and true ways to improve your gut health, with a crash course on L-Glutamine. 


What is L-Glutamine? 

All amino acids are among the body’s numerous molecular building blocks that come together to form proteins. L-Glutamine is the body’s most abundant amino acid. Amino acids are especially helpful in building muscle and supporting muscular recovery. 

Amino Acids are divided into two categories by science — “Essential” and “Non-Essential”. L-Glutamine is a well-known, technically “non-essential” amino acid that many swear by as very essential. For decades, it’s been linked to improving muscular recovery. But recent research has finally drawn a straight line linking this special amino acid and improvegut health

Amino acids are found throughout nature. For example, animal meat is packed with various essential and non-essential amino acids. L-Glutamine is found in eggs, beans, meat, cabbage, seafood, and various vegetables. Even so, people may not be getting enough amino acids necessary to support their fitness goals. Therefore, adding amino acids supplementation can help restore gut health


Everyone can benefit. 

 You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to benefit from L-Glutamine (or other amino acids). Amino acids are essential to your everyday health, even if you aren’t looking to pack on muscle. Whether you’re looking to step onto the brightly lit bodybuilding stage, break a new powerlifting personal record, or just quietly live a healthier lifestyle, amino acids can help you accomplish those goals. 

It’s widely known for assisting in muscular recovery following an intense workout. But L-Glutamine also has numerous lesser-known benefits, including gut health support. 

How does L-Glutamine improve gut health?

The most common forms of assistance L-Glutamine can provide are:

  1. Repairing the gut lining. The lining itself plays a significant role in how your body digests food and fluids. The healthier your gut lining is, the easier you’ll be able to process what you consume.  
  2. Decreasing gut inflammation. That can reduce bloating and gas, which millions of people struggle with. Gut inflammation and bloating are so common, many assume it’s ‘normal’, and they just live with itHowever, once the bloat and inflammation are eliminated, people feel significantly better.   
  3. Strengthening muscle fibers inside the gut. That can help reduce leaky gut symptoms. Leaky gut syndrome is when the stomach lining has been somehow damaged in one or more locations. When that happens, the gut doesn’t currently function properly, allowing food to ‘leak’ from the gut, causing various side effects.  


Is L-Glutamine safe? 

L-Glutamine has been demonstrated for many years to be a safe, beneficial and very well tolerated supplement. By itself, L-Glutamine does not contain caffeine. That’s important to note for those who’ve taken weight loss supplements and struggled with the jitters or increased anxiety while on the supplement. As always, please consult with your primary doctor before taking any supplements. 

GAT Sport L-Glutamine is an unflavored powder, so it can easily be added to protein shakes, pre- or post-workout drinks, or your favorite beverage. 

It’s not just for gut health, anymore…

L-Glutamine not only helps improve gut health. It also assists muscular recovery after workouts. If you suffer from a sore specific muscle group a day after you train intensely, consider adding an L-Glutamine or an EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) supplement to your diet such as the popular GAT Sport FLEXX® EAAs. 


Is L-Glutamine a fat burner?

Despite the many ways L-Glutamine can improve overall gut health, L-Glutamine isn’t a fat burner. 

To shed body fat, consider adding a fat burner to your supplementation regimen. A fat burner supplement (also known as a thermogenic, or ‘thermo’) ignites the stubborn fat cells stored by the body, and can assist in your weight loss journey.  

Of course, nothing replaces a well-rounded diet and exercise tailored to your physique goals. But adding supplements can help accelerate how quickly your goals are reached. 

What else can L-Glutamine do?

It prevents the breakdown of complex organic structures, through its anti-catabolic support. Plus, it helps increase glycogen storage, so any competing athlete can compete harder, and recover more efficiently.

Can GAT Sport L-Glutamine be stacked with other GAT supplements? 

To “stack” supplements is when one takes numerous supplements together, that are all designed to support the individual’s health goals. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, L-Glutamine has a home in your GAT Sport supplement stack. 

For example, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, taking GAT L-Glutamine with GAT FLEXX EAAs Essential Amino Acids) and a multivitamin may be a great combination. Whereas, if you’re looking to add strength and muscle mass, L-Glutamine and creatine work together. 


A quick recap

Your gut is a muscle, and L-Glutamine is an amino acid that helps support muscular recovery.
L-Glutamine can help repair the muscles in your gut and the overall gut lining.

By doing so, you are improving your overall gut health and function  which in return, can help you feel less bloated and less gassy. L-Glutamine is not a weight loss product, but certainly complements weight loss products, and can help you reach your physical or health-centered goals. 

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