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These Essentials Can Help Build an Amazing Physique!

These Essentials Can Help Build an Amazing Physique! - GAT SPORT

Building a solid foundation upon which you build your physique is no different than trying to construct a home from the ground up. If you tried to build a house without a foundation, it would collapse quite easily, right? How about if you used plastic bottles as the foundation? Better than nothing, but still not ideal, correct? There are essentials that you simply cannot compromise when you want to build the best anything. So, why would you not want to supplement with the best essentials to build your physique?


GAT Sport Essentials

How many times have you been to the gym and watched people using these crazy supplements but over the past year, these individuals all look the same? They don’t look any leaner. They don’t look more muscular. They look as if they’ve been spinning their wheels. Maybe you read that, and it’s hitting a little too close to home? That’s because, for many, they’ve forgotten about the essentials that help build a solid foundation. You can use the “hottest” pre-workout on the market, but you can’t forget about the nutrients and supplements and allow your body to function optimally, efficiently, and that help maximize performance both in and out of the gym.

Sure, you may “feel” certain supplements working, but that’s about it. There’s nothing more going on behind the scenes that helps build the foundation needed to build quality lean muscle mass and strip away stubborn body fat. 

It’s for that reason why GAT Sport is helping you get back to your roots — where it all started. The GAT Sport Essentials. It’s no coincidence that the six products found in the Essentials line are called, well… ESSENTIALS.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes up some of the GAT Sport Essentials and why they should be included in your daily supplement regimen.


The Six Pillars of Health and Performance

The six Essentials supplements mentioned below are in no particular order but hold equal weight when it comes to helping you build the foundation needed to transform your body and see the results you desire.

Far too many people are deficient in nutrients which can starve their body of the key elements needed to build muscle and burn body fat. While each of the Essentials is amazing as a standalone product, when stacked together, they cross every “T” and dot every “I” from a foundational supplement standpoint.

Below are the products that make up some of the GAT Sport Essentials and what makes them so important.


Men’s Multi+Test

Do you eat a wide variety of food throughout the day? How about vegetables and fruit? Uh oh. You were feeling pretty good until that was mentioned. More than likely, you’re not eating a wide variety of foods in enough volume to actually fulfill all of your micronutrient needs — and you’re not alone. But what you’re left with are gaps in your nutrition that can lead to deficiencies and a decrease in performance.

GAT Sport Essentials Men’s Multi+Test is a complete multivitamin/mineral supplement that helps fill in nutritional gaps while also helping energize the body. The formula doesn’t just stop there, though. As men age, testosterone production starts to decrease. This can lead to a lack of energy, a decrease in sex drive, loss of muscle mass, and more. Multi+Test can help prevent this by including Tribulus Terristis and boron to support healthy testosterone levels.



Piggybacking off of the Men’s Multi+Test is GAT Sport Essentials ZMAG-T. ZMAG-T is a truly advanced supplement as it combines several potent products in one. For years ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6) has been a hot supplement on the market to not only help you fall asleep and get better quality rest, but it also has fantastic recovery benefits. 

On top of ZMA already being a powerful supplement on its own, GAT Sport has added boron into the formula to further enhance your ability to produce optimal levels of testosterone while also supporting musculoskeletal development and strength.



The average American diet does not contain nearly enough meals that include fish. Therefore, many are missing out on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. If this sounds like you, then GAT Sport Essentials Omega-3 is for you. We all need healthy fat in our diet to help optimize hormone production, and many forget that the brain utilizes healthy fat to help it perform optimally.

Omega-3s contain a laundry list of health benefits other than what was already mentioned. Some of these benefits include the ability to boost overall health, reduce inflammation, and offer performance-enhancing benefits for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.



For some reason, this free form amino acid doesn’t get enough love. L-carnitine made the list of GAT Sport Essentials due to its ability to help convert food into energy, support fat loss, and improve endurance levels. 

GAT Sport Essentials L-Carnitine is an incredibly versatile supplement that helps increase muscle carnitine levels, which supports improved recovery and endurance during both aerobic and anaerobic training. Whether you’re an athlete or avid exerciser, l-carnitine is one of those essential supplements needed to help propel you through a training session or athletic competition.



This amino acid doesn’t get enough credit for what it is capable of providing. GAT Sport Essentials L-Glutamine is an anti-catabolic support supplement. Preserving lean muscle tissue is incredibly important — no matter what your health or physique goal is.

If you want to effectively lose body fat, you need to put yourself into a caloric deficit. By doing so, you risk burning muscle tissue in the process. If you lose muscle mass, your metabolic rate can decrease. By utilizing an l-glutamine supplement, like what is available through GAT Sport Essentials, you can help prevent muscle tissue breakdown. 

On the flip side, if you’re bulking, you want to maximize muscle growth, and in order to do that, you need to preserve and help muscle fibers recover from intense workouts. One such thing that needs to take place is the replenishment of glycogen. L-glutamine can help increase glycogen storage in the muscle, which can help improve your workout performance.



Last on our list of pillar essentials is caffeine — one of the most heavily used stimulants in the world. Here’s a curveball for you. Caffeine was added to the GAT Sport Essentials line not only because it can help increase energy levels but rather some of the benefits that many people have forgotten about.

While caffeine is definitely a powerful stimulant that can provide you with energy, it can also help boost your metabolic rate, elevate mental awareness, heighten focus, increase endurance, decrease fatigue, improve alertness, and trigger faster reaction times.


Whether you’re looking for better physical or mental performance, GAT Sport Essentials Caffeine can deliver the goods.

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