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Why You Should Start Adding Push-ups to Your Workout Now!

Why You Should Start Adding Push-ups to Your Workout Now! - GAT SPORT

Why You Should Start Adding Push-ups to Your Workout Now! 

It’s tough to find an exercise that works out your whole body, including your core, while burning calories at the same time. But, that’s exactly what a push-up does. 

Sometimes, people overlook push-ups because they don’t seem to work your body hard enough. However, surprisingly, adding push-ups to your daily routine could be the difference between succeeding and failing. 

For instance, did you know that push-ups are the secret to a strong, pain-free upper body? Push-ups are also great for building muscle fast and efficiently. 

Before you decide to cut push-ups from your daily workout routine, read why you should start adding push-ups to your workout, now. The reasons may surprise you!  

They Tire Out Your Muscles

If one of your goals is to build bigger muscles, then you’re going to have to push your muscles to the absolute limit. The best way to do that is to tire them out! 

Push-ups may be basic, but they are a great way to tire out your muscles with no equipment and in little time. 

Start adding push-ups to your daily workout and see how hard your muscles have to work! 

They Build Upper Body Strength

Another reason that doing push-ups is so great for your health is because they build upper body strength. Push-ups are one of the only exercises that can work out your triceps, pectoral muscles, shoulders, lower back, and core all at the same time. This is why push-ups are said to be a great muscle-building exercise. 

They Strengthen the Lower Back and Core

When done correctly, push-ups can help strengthen your lower back and core. This is because push-ups activate the whole body when they’re performed. Literally, every major muscle group gets used when they are performed. 

They Build Strength Fast

Because the whole body is being utilized when performing push-ups, your body produces and releases more of the human growth hormone. The human growth hormone is responsible for growing your muscles. In order to maximize your growth hormone production, it’s best to include push-ups into your daily workout routine.  

They Can Be Done Anywhere 

Push-ups are not only great for building muscle, but they are a low maintenance exercise. This means they don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere. Making it easier to incorporate them into your daily routine. 

How to Perform Proper Push-ups?

Push-ups are the best activators of the serratus anterior muscles. Since they are a pressing movement, they could hurt your shoulder muscles if you’re not prepared. Before you start any workout, but especially one with push-ups, you should do a warm up before you start. 

To warm up, do any sort of rows. Doing rows will help loosen up your shoulder muscles, which will help you avoid injury. 

After you warm up, it’s important you do push-ups with proper form, so you don’t get any injuries. Keep your body straight and resist the urge to arch your back and body. Keep your butt down and your core engaged, and place your hands firmly on the ground, so you don’t hurt your wrists. 

Also try pairing lat pulldowns with push-ups to add a variation into your push-up training.  

Daily Push-ups

Doing push-ups are great for your health, but after a while your body will get used to them. Eventually push-ups will become too easy for your body causing a plateau. So, in order to avoid this, be creative and figure out fun ways to mix up your push-up routine to challenge your body. For instance, make them more challenging by adding push-up variations into your daily routine.  

Push-up Variations 

Try push-up variations like the wide-grip, closed-grip, and even Spiderman push-ups to add a variety of moves into your workout routine. Adding in the push-up variations can help you pack on the muscle and keep your body guessing. Learn more about the other types of push-up variations you can add to your workout by reading 11 Essential Push-up Variations For Beginners

With any workout routine, in order to get the best results, you have to make sure your diet is on point. If you don’t already, consider adding a protein powder or supplement to your meal plans. They’re important because they can help make sure you’re getting the correct nutrients and help you pack on the muscle. Visit to find a product that’ll fit well with your muscle-building goals. 


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