11 Top Training Mistakes to Avoid

So, you’ve just resolved to commit to your workout routine. Congratulations, but also memorize the 11 top training mistakes you should avoid.

 Mistake #1: Immediately going too hard, too fast 

It can be tempting to launch right in, and immediately go at your workouts as strenuously as you can. But, that’s really not advisable. When you start training too hard too fast, you could wind up injured, require medical attention and physical therapy. And then, having to start from scratch. 

 Mistake #2: Working your muscles until “failure” 

Working your muscles until they “fail” (training until your muscles are so fatigued that you just can’t go any further) is never a good idea. Working muscles until failure (especially without a professional trainer guiding you closely), could result in serious, life-long injuries that might never heal. That could prevent you from hitting the gym again — ever

 Mistake #3: Following someone else’s workout routine 

Don’t base your training regimen on someone else’s workout routine. You may be impressed by their gains, but just blindly following their regimen may lead to injuring you. They might have defined different end goals for themselves. They might have different health conditions, different strengths and weaknesses, etc. It can take you down the wrong path.  

 Mistake #4: Doing too many reps at one time

Building muscle is not a quick and easy thing. It will take time and effort to reach your fitness goals. No matter how many extra reps you do in one gym session, overall, reaching your goals will still take time. Doing too many reps at once will only make you more tired and also, it could cause injury. 

 Mistake #5: Pushing through an illness or injury

Don’t be a hero and try to push through an illness or injury. When you’re injured or ill, your body needs rest — there’s just no way around that. If you try to train while you’re injured or ill, all you’ll get from the workout is even more injured or sick! Give your body rest when it’s telling you it needs it! 

 Mistake #6: Skipping rest 

Our bodies need sleep in order to be healthy, strong, and performing at our best! And, to be refreshed, help our muscles grow, help repair our body’s tissues, and to synthesize our hormones. So, never skip rest, and get enough of it. To learn more about the benefits of rest, read Why You Should Get More Sleep This Year. 


Mistake #7: Skipping a warmup

Your warmup gets your body physically ready to workout. After your warmup, your body is much more agile, making it easier to perform certain movements and exercises, without as much a chance of pulling or straining a muscle. 

 Mistake #8: Not eating, or not eating enough

Your body needs fuel to power you through your workout. The primary fuel is your food intake. Putting off eating — or not eating enough — makes it harder for your body to make it through your workout. It could also make you more susceptible to injury. 

 Mistake #9: Measuring the wrong milestones

One path to success is through making sure you have measurable goals, or performance goals. For instance, when you start working out, if you can only do 5 pushups at a time, try setting a performance goal to work yourself up to doing 10, 20, 30, or more pushups in one session. It also makes it easier for you to see just how far you’ve come. How much hard work you’ve put in, to-date. And, it helps keep you motivated for your daily routine. Find out more about measuring the correct milestones by reading How to Reach Your Fitness Goals.  

 Mistake #10: Lack of carbs and fat

Research shows that when athletes consume fewer carbs and fat, they’re more likely to experience muscle breakdown. When that happens, it’s harder to gain muscle mass. If you’re serious about getting those gains, then you should commit to eating enough carbs and fat, based on your body’s needs. 

 Mistake #11: Workouts that only focus on one muscle group

To truly maximize your workouts, do resistance training that focuses on more than one muscle group at a time. It’ll not only make your workouts more efficient. Your workouts will also be harder, which will produce more noticeable gains. 

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