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Why You Should Get More Sleep This Year

Why You Should Get More Sleep This Year - GAT SPORT

Why You Should Get More Sleep This Year


Sleep. It’s truly one of the most underrated, and most sought after things in the world. We might not place as much emphasis on sleep as we do eating right and working out. Yet, sleep is vital to both. We all sleep. Yet, we tend to take sleep for granted until we don’t get enough of it.

One-third of our lives are spent asleep — for good reason. Our bodies need regular and adequate sleep — quality sleep — in order to be refreshed, to maintain proper health and to help repair our body’s tissues. To reinforce strength and to help our muscles grow. To synthesize our hormones. And, to provide us with maximized mental and physical performance. Every waking hour of every day.

Incredibly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Check out all the benefits of a great night’s sleep:

Reduce your stress through more rest.

To feel less stressed, the #1 thing you can do for yourself is to get more sleep. When you’re tired, you may feel more annoyed, which would directly increase your stress level! A good night’s sleep helps you deal with your daily stress easier because you’re more rested and relaxed.

Improve your brain function.

Sleep plays a major role in brain function, helping the brain more easily communicate with nerve cells. It also helps remove toxins in the brain that might’ve accumulated during your waking hours.

Improve your concentration and memory.

A clear brain comes directly from getting enough sleep, contributing to everything from a better memory and concentration to higher productivity. 

Lower your blood pressure, for a healthier heart.

We mentioned that sleep helps you live less stressed. While you’re sleeping, your body regulates your stress hormones. The amount and quality of sleep directly affect blood pressure. Lower stress levels lead to lower blood pressure, thus lowering the risk for heart attack. 

Blood pressure naturally drops during sleep. So, if you don’t sleep as much you won’t have as much opportunity to lower your blood pressure normally. Less sleep equals more stress hormones being present, leading to higher blood pressure. 

Be at your athletic peak.

When you sleep, your body works to build muscles and repair tissues by promoting muscle repair. The more you sleep, the stronger you get! Sleep helps your body stay healthy and at its athletic peak. 

Help your body fight off illness.

When your body sleeps, it releases important hormones and proteins. An essential protein released is cytokines, which helps your immune system fight off infection and inflammation. When asleep, your body releases more or fewer cytokines, depending on if you’re sick or not. So, when you get adequate amounts of quality sleep, you help your body ward off sickness, even when you’re asleep! 

Maintain your weight by eating less.

Sleep helps your body regulate your hormones, especially those that make you feel hungry and full. When you don’t get enough sleep, those hormones that makes you feel hungrier increase, while the hormones that make you feel full, decrease. 

It’s important to note because when your body forces you to be hungrier throughout the day, you tend to eat more on average. That can result in weight gain. Get more sleep and you’ll be able to more easily maintain your weight.   

Live life in a better mood. 

We all kind of know this one: when you get more sleep, we’re in a better mood. Sleep helps you regulate emotions, fight off depression and anxiety. It helps you stay more motivated for workouts. Not only will you be in a better mood, but you’ll feel better and look better too! 

If you’re serious about getting more sleep this year, try GAT Sport ZMAG-T™ - OVERNIGHT RECOVERY SUPPORT or ZENTAB - STRESS & SLEEP SUPPORT. 

ZMAG-T™ - OVERNIGHT RECOVERY SUPPORT is a scientifically-advanced vitamin-and-mineral-based nutraceutical that helps raise testosterone levels and muscle performance. Plus, it improves recovery by helping improve sleep, and helps musculoskeletal development and hormone support. 

ZENTAB - STRESS & SLEEP SUPPORT supports relief from stress caused by occasional overwork and fatigue. GAT Sport designed a unique blend of herbs and minerals including Valerian Root, Ashwagandha Root Powder, and Melatonin to help promote mental well-being through a calming and restful night's sleep. Zentab also supports positive mood and training recovery. 

Whatever your fitness goals are this year, you can find all the supplement support you’re looking for, and more, at 


This year, work more sleep into your regimen. You’ll be glad you did.


Now, let’s get some Zzzzzzzzzzzssssss…..

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