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Why The Do-It-Yourself Pre-Workout Will Destroy You

Why The Do-It-Yourself Pre-Workout Will Destroy You - GAT SPORT

Don’t Make Your Own Pre-Workout

A pre-workout has many benefits. From increased blood circulation to more energy, a pre-workout powder can be found in plenty of gym bags across the world. However, despite their popularity and benefits, a pre-workout is not something you should create on your own. In fact, doing so can have severe side effects and health risks.


What is Typically in a Pre-Workout?

Each pre-workout is different, but generally speaking, all pre-workouts tend to have similar goals. People taking a pre-workout typically want to see; increased energy levels, improved blood circulation, and enhanced focus levels throughout the duration of their workout. At a high level, this all sounds good! Who wouldn’t want a better pump, fewer distractions, and a boost in energy?


Creating Your Own Pre Workout

In many instances, many of the ingredients you’ll read on the label of a pre-workout can be found individually online or at your local supplement store. If you can find the ingredients individually, why wouldn’t you want to mix together your own pre-workout and perhaps adjust the quantities of what you add to the concoction?

Believe it or not, that’s incredibly dangerous to do. Making your own pre-workout may seem like a cheaper and more effective alternative, but it comes with great risk.


It’s More Than the Ingredients

The ingredients are only one piece of the pre-workout equation. The dosage of each ingredient is the other piece -  and the more important piece at that.

As mentioned previously, generally speaking, a pre-workout will help you increase your energy levels, and improve your blood circulation.

Stimulants, such as caffeine, are typically used to increase your energy levels. Caffeine in the right dosage has a great benefit. However, too much caffeine can negatively affect your heart. Too much caffeine can increase your probability of having a heart attack, and considering your heart rate is already elevated during your workout, you are at an even higher risk of having a heart attack if you took too much caffeine before you put your body through strenuous activity.

Ingredients to improve your blood circulation can also provide benefits if used in the right dosage. However, increasing your blood flow too much by way of a supplement can have a big impact on your blood pressure. This impact could be negative, and health risks must be taken into consideration.


Mixing Ingredients Together

One of the biggest challenges with making your own pre-workout is the inconsistencies one could have with their serving size. For example, imagine if you find all of the ingredients you want in your pre-workout, and add all the ingredients to one giant mixing bowl. Even if you spend time mixing all the ingredients together, you will never have a perfect blend of ingredients. Therefore, one scoop of your homemade pre-workout may have 400mg of caffeine, whereas another scoop may have 75mg of caffeine. These inconsistencies, and high dosages, have proven to be very dangerous.



Nitraflex is a fantastic pre-workout that gives you the extra focus, improved blood circulation, and clean energy you are seeking. Nitraflex is developed by GAT, and our scientists have invested many years in perfecting this formula. For slightly more than $1 a serving, and plenty of flavor options to choose from, there is no reason to look elsewhere for your pre-workout needs. GAT is committed to you, and committed to delivering the highest quality products!

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