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How to add lean muscle mass properly

How to add lean muscle mass properly - GAT SPORT

Many of us want to add lean muscle mass. You might think that if you just start eating more, you’ll gain more lean muscle. However, it’s trickier than that, and takes some diligence to achieve properly. 

Eat too much and extra body fat will quickly find you and hang around awhile. Eat too little, and you’ll never add muscle mass. Nutrition plays a central role in influencing how much muscle mass you put on. Your weight-training routine also needs to be dialed in from the start.  

To properly add lean muscle mass, read on. We reveal some best practices.  

Determine your proper caloric intake. 
There isn’t a universal, “one size fits all” approach to determining caloric intake. Everyone’s body type, weight and height are different. So, the daily number of calories you should be consuming to add lean muscle, varies.  

If you consume too many calories, you’ll pack on body fat. Consuming too few calories deprives your body of the nutrients it needs to build lean muscle mass.  

You’ll need to experiment a little to determine what works well for your body. Using the guidance below as a starting point, experiment a little to determine the right caloric intake for your body. 

Consume enough protein.  
Protein helps build muscle and is found in a variety of food and supplements. Meat, poultry, fish, beans, or protein supplements (such as a protein shake or protein bar) are all common sources of protein.  

Many people today prefer plant-based protein supplements, while others like whey proteins. The great thing about protein supplements is that in addition to being consumed directly, they can also be used in in some really delicious baking. 

GAT Sport Whey Matrix is perfect for use in cooking, in smoothies, in shakes, or simply mixed with cold water or milk. It always mixes smoothly, with no clumps or settling. It’s delicious at breakfast, post-workouts, as a mid-day snack, and before bed. 

Here’s a tried and true approach to add lean muscle mass:  

Consume 1 to 1.25 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, consume 200 to 250 grams of protein per day. Another common approach is to consume 0.80 grams for every pound of body weight.  

Take the right supplements. 
Supplements should play an important, central role in helping you reach your fitness goals. Consuming 1 - 1.25 grams of protein for every pound of body weight you have can be challenging. Protein supplements can help you get enough protein in!  

However, protein supplements are just one piece of the equation. There are other supplements that when used in combination (called “stacking”) will also help you pack on lean muscle mass. Such supplements include: 

Creatine: Creatine Monohydrate is a tried and true supplement with a lot of documented scientific research backing up its importance. Creatine monohydrate helps your body build muscle, increase strength, and even helps with speeding up your recovery!  

GAT Sport now also offers its Creatine HCI+ in delicious flavors that are all well worth checking out. Creatine is an essential supplement to add to your lean muscle mass supplement regimen.  

Testosterone Boosters: Decreasing body fat, improving energy levels, helping your body recover and improving strength. Testosterone boosters sure offer a lengthy list of benefits, identical whether you use pill or powder. But did you know they also contribute to your body building lean muscle mass?  

New Testrol Platinum is especially compelling: It’s unique formula with vitamins, minerals and herbals promises an up to 132% testosterone increase after 10 days of exercise. 

Amino Acids: As you work out, you’re breaking down muscle. Only when your muscle recovers will it grow. That’s the point. Muscle recovery is essential to packing on lean muscle mass. There are a variety of GAT Sport supplements that help with recovery, some of which are mentioned above. However, a true essential amino acid supplement such as FLEXX EAAs is a phenomenal way to quickly give your body the ingredients it needs to recover quickly!  

A complete range of beneficial amino acids are also found in a well-crafted protein powder such as GAT Sport Whey Matrix. Check the Facts Panel’s amino acids profile. 


Weight Train. 
You must add resistance to your workout routine in order to build muscle. Finding your right workout routine and rep quantity is foundational to your success. Be sure to adopt a regimen that incorporates strength training and hypertrophy.  

Also, cardio need not be entirely avoided. After all, the goal here is to aggressively build lean muscle. Add supersets or circuits into your routine to keep the workout fresh and shock the muscles into further responding.  

It comes down to making sure these three are at work to build lean muscle: Your nutrition, your supplementation, and your workout routine. Once you dial these in, your increasingly impressive results will speak for themselves! 

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