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3 reasons to consider using a testosterone booster

3 reasons to consider using a testosterone booster - GAT SPORT

We work out for a variety of smart reasons. Decreasing body fat, reversing perceived waning energy levels and increasing strength are all high on the list.

Surprisingly, many people are doing all those at once! What’s their secret? Often, it’s as simple as understanding how one hormone that comes to the rescue, actively supporting all those goals. That male hormone is testosterone.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone with a long list of benefits. Here’s why you should consider taking a testosterone supplement (often called a “test booster”).

 1. Decrease your Body Fat — There is a direct correlation between testosterone and body fat. As testosterone (often called “test”) in men declines naturally with age, they have a progressively harder time burning body fat. Sure, one’s diet has a major role in why many men carry a ‘spare tire’ in their mid-section, but their declining testosterone levels certainly don’t help.

When simply supplementing declining test levels by taking a testosterone booster, those test levels will begin to increase. That’s effectively reversing the biological aging clock. Bear in mind: just taking a testosterone booster won’t magically deliver you a chiseled 6-pack. That still takes dedication to your diet and exercise regimen. But if you are willing to put in the work, a testosterone boost will help speed up getting you to your physique goals!

2. Improve your Energy Levels — Are you between 40 and 60? Think back. Do you remember the seemingly endless energy levels you had in your early 20s?

Testosterone production in the male body is at an all-time high in your early 20s. And, heads up! By your 30s, your testosterone levels likely began a moderate to steep decline. You may find yourself more fatigued throughout the day. Talk to friends around your age. You’ll likely find you’re not alone. But nothing says that need to accept the lethargic feeling that come from lower energy levels. Test boosting can be the answer, and provide you a serious edge.

Regularly boosting your testosterone levels has proven to increase one's energy levels. Your energy levels will be elevated, but without feeling like you just consumed an energy drink. You’ll just feel naturally less fatigued after exercise and more alert throughout the day.  

3. Increase your Strength — Looking to add more weight to the bar? Increasing your test levels complements any strength training routine you’re on. Taking a testosterone-boosting supplement won’t turn you into a hulking monster, but it will help complement your existing strength training routine.

How to determine low testosterone levels, and take action

There are two ways to determine if you need a testosterone booster, science and feel.

Trust the science — You can identify testosterone levels with a blood test that whether your levels are within range, or are in moderate or steep decline. Ask your doctor to order the testosterone-specific blood test for you. Results are usually available within the same week. With the readings in-hand, there will be no disputing what your testosterone levels are.

As mentioned above, male testosterone levels peak when in the early 20s. By the time men reach 30, testosterone levels start their sure decline. Some people see their testosterone levels declining more rapidly than others. A testosterone blood test describes what’s occurring.

Trust how you feel — You’re in tune with your body. You know how you feel. If you’re feeling fatigued, it really doesn’t take a scientific reading to confirm that. Or, how long it's taking your body to recover, and how challenging it is to add weight to the bench press or squat.

How long to take a testosterone booster

Testosterone boosters are generally taken in a “cycling” pattern of 4-8 weeks “on” and 4-8 weeks “off”. Once the time interval (or “cycle”) you’ve chosen to take it has passed, it’s best to stop using it for that same amount of time. Thereafter, you can choose to begin using it again, continuing for that same time interval. For example, if you started with a 4-week interval, go “off” at 4 weeks, then back “on” again for 4 weeks, and so on.

GAT Sport has several powerful testosterone boosters, including the popular Testrol® Platinum, Testrol Original, and Testrol Gold ES. Each have formula advantages, and we invite you to compare and contrast, based on your goals. Testrol Platinum uses especially compelling new technology to boost total testosterone by up to 132%. It can restore youthful, energetic vigor and revive that masculine feeling. Amongst its potent ingredients is LJ-100®, the top clinically-backed pro-testosterone ingredient recognized as a natural alternative to test replacement therapy*. Start turning back the clock and restore lost energy today with GAT Testrol Platinum. 

Check with your doctor

 Testosterone boosters provide many positive training benefits. As with any supplement or medication, there can be side effects. Always get your primary doctor’s opinion before beginning.

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