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The Power of Vitamin C for Enhancing Immunity

The Power of Vitamin C for Enhancing Immunity - GAT SPORT

One supplement you have probably heard a time or two about is vitamin C. This vitamin has been associated with immunity benefits for many years and is one of the most common supplements purchased when people get the sniffles. That said, there's more to this key nutrient that many may not realize. Let's take a deeper dive into this ingredient and learn a little more about how it can help boost your immunity.


What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin that supports our immunity system. It is a water-soluble vitamin that the human body cannot produce – hence, it must come from the foods we eat daily or through proper supplementation to fill in nutritional gaps.


How Can Vitamin C Help Boost Immunity?

Vitamin C is a vital micronutrient for the human body. This crucial vitamin is essential for enhancing immunity as it supports our cellular functions of both innate and adaptive systems of immunity. 

This critical vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen our body's immunity and creates a shield against many viruses and harmful pathogens.  

Some studies have stated that vitamin C increases blood oxidant levels by around 30%. This helps our body to fight inflammation.


Where Can You Find Vitamin C?

Vitamin C can be found in some of the food items we see on our plates every day. We mainly find this vitamin in vegetables and fruits. Since the human body cannot produce or store vitamin C, we need to consume food and take supplements to enhance immunity.

Below, we have made a list of foods that provide a significant amount of natural vitamin C and can help boost your immunity and defense.


1.     Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges or grapes have a considerable amount of Vitamin C in them. If you are looking for ideas and ways to help enhance immunity, start consuming citrus fruits on a daily basis.


2.     Guava

Other than oranges and citrus fruits, guavas are full of Vitamin C as well. One single guava has as much as 126mg of Vitamin C. It is also rich in the antioxidant lycopene.   

There have also been studies showing that consuming guavas for a prolonged period can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level.


3.     Broccoli

Broccoli, one of the healthiest vegetables and known for being high in fiber, is also a great vitamin C source. It helps in enhancing immunity and repairing damaged tissues. Therefore, it's incredibly important to include broccoli in your diet to have a strong and healthy immune system.


4.     Bell Peppers (Red and Yellow)

Bell peppers, mainly red and yellow ones, are extremely rich in antioxidants. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and eye condition. They also have a good amount of vitamin C and can enhance collagen production. It is also known to help prevent various cancer.


5.     Kakadu Plum

If you thought that oranges lead the race of foods high in vitamin C, then you're going to be shocked. This Australian native food (Kakadu plum) has 10 times more vitamin C than oranges. It has more than 5000mg of vitamin C per 100g. Other than that, this superfood is rich in vitamin E, potassium, and the antioxidant lutein, which is excellent for eye health.


6.     Thyme

Thyme is one of the richest foods in vitamin C. It has three times more vitamin C than oranges. If you are someone who is into herbs, then thyme is your ultimate source of vitamin C.

28g of fresh thyme contains 45mg of vitamin C. You can also sprinkle some thyme over your meal, and it can be a delicious meal loaded with vitamin C to help boost immunity.

Thyme is also great for sore throats and other respiratory issues. So, if you want to help fight viruses and harmful pathogens, thyme should definitely be an herb to keep handy as it can be a great addition to your diet.


Vitamin C Supplements 

Other than foods, vitamin C can also be consumed in the form of supplements. Vitamin C is an incredibly easy over-the-counter supplement to find, which can help fill in your nutritional gap. It should be said, you should always try to get as many of your micronutrients through whole food options as possible. Natural foods that have vitamin C will always be the best option, but you can take supplements if you are deficient in vitamin C. Something else to consider is your activity level. Those who are physically active demand a higher intake of these key nutrients to keep their bodies performing optimally.


The Bottom Line

Vitamin C is crucial for our body to fight deadly viruses and bacteria. It is vital for our immunity system, heart and blood vessels, and body tissue.

If you do not consume enough vitamin C, then you might face severe issues such as scurvy, connective tissue disorders, depression, fatigue, and many more problems.

It is essential for your body to have the strength to fight off foreign pathogens that can cause viruses and many diseases. 

Vitamin C works like a shield that blocks and fights foreign invasion in your body.

Hence, you should include foods rich in vitamin C to help enhance immunity and live a healthy lifestyle.


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