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5 Benefits of Supplementing with EAAs

5 Benefits of Supplementing with EAAs - GAT SPORT

Right now, there is a massive push for EAAs (essential amino acids), and while many have jumped on the bandwagon, some are still a little skeptical. For those who are unsure whether or not they want to include EAAs in their supplement regimen, this article will showcase five benefits that you can achieve through their use.

Many fitness enthusiasts have been used to taking BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) intra-workout or even throughout the day. However, more and more research is being published showing that while leucine, isoleucine, and valine are helpful BCAAs, the real power comes into play when all nine essential amino acids are supplemented together. 

The nine EAAs we should all become familiar with are phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, and histidine.


5 Benefits of Supplementing with EAAs 

Below, you will find five of the top reasons and benefits you should include EAAs in your supplement regimen. Regardless of your health and fitness goal, EAAs can help make the process easier.


1.     Build Lean Muscle Mass

If you want to add some quality lean mass to your frame, EAAs can help you accomplish this. One of the amino acids with the most significant contribution to muscle growth is leucine, which helps increase protein synthesis. 

EAAs have also been shown to help increase strength, which the more weight you are able to use, the greater your muscle growth potential. The ability to overload the muscle provides an increase in fiber recruitment, and the more muscle fibers you can bring into an exercise, the better able you are to break down those fibers and create many micro-tears that need to be rebuilt so they can come back bigger and stronger.


2.     Prevent Muscle Tissue Breakdown

There may be nothing more defeating than losing your hard-earned lean muscle mass. This can be due to inactivity or even putting yourself in a caloric deficit when cutting or trying to lose weight.

For the majority of those reading this, you’re probably active and currently looking to gain lean muscle or drop stubborn body fat. In the case of dropping body fat, when your calories are decreased, your body may actually start breaking down lean muscle in order to increase energy and fuel. If you were to lose lean muscle tissue, not only would it decrease your overall musculature, but your metabolism would also take a hit since muscle burns calories all day long as there’s a demand for energy and muscle recovery.

If you use EAAs, you have a better chance of preventing catabolism and muscle-wasting. You can even use EAAs at night to help you stay anabolic while you sleep.


3.     Improve Workout Performance

In the gym, you want to effectively target and annihilate the muscle group you are hitting. However, if you hit the wall two sets in, your results will be minimal at best. Adding EAAs to your supplement regimen can improve your endurance and overall workout performance.

With the ability to prolong your muscular endurance and decrease muscle fatigue, you can push yourself further and harder during your workouts. The goal with any workout should be progressive overload where each workout you are improving upon the previous and either adding more weight, reps, or sets to effectively tax the muscle. 

EAAs make the perfect pre- and intra-workout supplement. They have been shown to be helpful even in those who do no train regularly. In fact, supplementing with EAAs have been shown to increase the strength of those who do not work out at all – imagine what it can do for you, someone who works out regularly.


4.     Aid in Weight Loss

Studies have been published that show EAAs have the potential to stimulate fat loss. These studies looked at individuals who were actively training and implemented daily EAAs into their nutrition program. What they found was that the individuals who were part of the study were able to significantly decrease their body fat percentage when compared to the control group who did not receive EAAs. 

Add this into the equation with its ability to preserve lean muscle tissue, and you have yourself a potent and effective fat loss agent.


5.     Boost Recovery

The bottom line comes down to your recovery when you look at muscle growth. You can train at a high intensity, but if you aren’t recovering following your workouts, your results will suffer. In fact, you could actually lose lean muscle mass if you aren’t recovering properly and allowing your muscles to repair before hitting the muscle group(s) again.

EAAs help improve muscle protein synthesis, which is incredibly important to accelerate muscle recovery and growth.



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