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3 Benefits of Blood Flow for Enhanced Muscle Growth

3 Benefits of Blood Flow for Enhanced Muscle Growth - GAT SPORT

When it comes to muscle growth, people tend to think very narrow in the sense that it comes down to the actual workout being completed and the recovery process that follows.  While both of those are crucial for improving muscle growth, a vital piece of the puzzle is actually blood flow.

The one thing many people chase while in the gym is a pump.  This pump is known more specifically as vasodilation and it’s when the blood vessels expand to allow for greater blood flow which can lead to enhanced muscle growth.   

Achieving a pump is essentially the feeling you get during your workout that brings the sensation of insanely tight skin – almost to the point where it feels as if your skin is going to tear.  In addition to the tightness, you’ll notice a temporary look that your muscles are fuller and larger than normal.  This is due to the muscle getting engorged with blood.

So, exactly how does blood flow affect muscle gains?  Below are three ways.


1.    Removal of Waste from the Muscle

During intense bouts of exercise, your muscles are under a lot of stress and work.  Because of this, metabolic waste is created as a byproduct which continues to build up and sit in the working muscles.  If you’ve ever felt that burning sensation during a workout, that’s due to these byproducts such as lactic acid and urea being created. 

These waste products can negatively impact your workout and decrease your performance by increasing fatigue.  When blood flow is enhanced, it helps flush out these byproducts to allow you to continue pushing hard during your workout and maximizing your muscle growth potential.


2.    Enhancement of Nutrient Delivery 

When exerting maximum effort in the gym, fatigue can quickly set in.  Your muscles demand nutrients to perform optimally.  Should these nutrients become depleted, you may notice your endurance and recovery between sets is diminished.

With an increase in blood flow, nutrients are more easily able to be transported into the muscles to help speed up recovery and improve muscle endurance.  By allowing you to push yourself harder and recover faster, you increase your ability to improve muscle growth.


3.    Increase of Oxygenated Blood to the Working Muscles

Along the same lines as nutrient delivery, when blood flow is increased, the heart is more easily able to pump oxygenated blood out to the working muscles.  Everything in our body demands oxygen.  When a muscle (for instance) is depleted of oxygen, performance levels can decline.

If you can increase blood flow during your workouts, more oxygen will be able to get into the muscle to allow you the ability to push yourself harder during your workouts to aid in effectively breaking down muscle fibers so they can grow back bigger and stronger through proper recovery and rest.


Achieve Muscle-Swelling Pumps!

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