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Why a Pre-Workout Can Help You Attain Your Goals Faster

Why a Pre-Workout Can Help You Attain Your Goals Faster - GAT SPORT


Your gym buddies and friends have recently been talking about the supplements they use to energize training — called Pre-Workouts — and now you’re looking to use one too. After all, Pre-Workouts (also called Pre-Trainers) are very popular because when used properly, they can very positively impact your training.

There are pros and cons to adding a pre-workout to your regimen. You’ll find that when you do a little research, the pros will start to outweigh the cons. 

Here’s some info to get you up to speed about pre-workouts, and why you should consider taking one… 

What’s a Pre-Workout? 

A pre-workout is a supplement or drink that helps boost energy and can extend your exercise performance in your workout. Pre-workouts are available in two forms: Powder, and you mix them up with water in a shaker cup. And as a Ready to Drink (RTD) liquid.

If you find it difficult to stay active, a Pre-Workout might be for you. The extra energy from a Pre-workout can carry you through tough workout sessions. 

To decide on a Pre-Workout, carefully consider your goals and the exercises in your regimen. Certain ingredients in pre-workouts help build strength and muscle, while others help you build endurance. 

Be Selective.

Pre-workouts have numerous, powerful active ingredients. Each are in there to provide a specific benefit. Spend a moment with the Facts Panel to learn more. Make sure you know what’s going into your body. Especially because pre-workout products aren't regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)! Always do your research and only take pre-workouts from companies that have clinically-tested their products. They are out there! 

Here at GAT Sport, we clinically test our supplements. Our goal is to help athletes all over the world attain superior strength and massive performance gains. 

High-Intensity Pre-Workout Training Formula

GAT Sport Nitraflex is a clinically tested, high-intensity pre-training formula with potent ingredients to help magnify energy, alertness, strength, stamina, pumps, and free testosterone during workouts. Just one level scoop of this convenient little bottle’s powerful formula does a lot!

Nitraflex Pre-Workout delivers fast, power-packed training results. Some even call the results “explosive”. All for a more powerful body, including energy, stamina, Nitric Oxide (NO) and testosterone levels.

It contains proven muscle building L-Citrulline malate, L-Arginine, L-Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) amino acids and Calcium Fructoborate (CFB), a natural, high potency form of Boron which has been shown to support free testosterone.

Key Ingredients in Nitraflex

High Citrulline:Arginine Ratio          

Here, it gets a little technical. Arginine is a proven precursor to nitric oxide (NO), a vasodilator. What most people don’t know is that arginine supplementation stimulates the activity of arginase, an enzyme that breaks down arginine. Over time, this may reduce arginine and NO levels. That reduction, in turn, can actually cause your Pre-Workout formula to lose its strength…to actually stop working. Research suggests that supplementing with a high ratio of citrulline to arginine may reduce this risk by avoiding overstimulation of arginase.

At this point, you might say, “Whew, I’m not a chemist! Can’t I just go buy Nitraflex and star my training session now?”  Well, there’s just a little more to know that will benefit your every training session.

CFB Helps Support Testosterone

In a clinical study, calcium fructoborate (CFB) was shown to increase total and free testosterone within 3 hours of a single dose equivalent to just over 2 scoops of Nitraflex. A longer-term study reported an increase in free testosterone by up to 29%.

An Effective Dose of Beta-Alanine

The clinically-proven performance enhancer Beta-Alanine was not “fairy dusted” in this formula. (Fairy dusting means only providing the legal minimum dose, rather than a higher dose that research shows actually works better.) Rather, GAT added a powerful dose to Nitraflex that you will feel working following your very first serving. (A slight, tingly-cerebral sensation might be felt).

It’s Creatine-Free 

Let’s say you want to achieve a dry, hard muscular look. Creatine causes water retention, which can make achieving it even more difficult. NITRAFLEX has no creatine, so it’s ideal for pre-contest prep and lean muscle physique.

Cognitive Enhancers 

As you’ll see from the label, NITRAFLEX contains unique ratios of scientifically validated compounds that help you remain alert, intense, and focused while you’re flying from set to set with veins fully dilated and muscles pumped to the extreme. 

Suggested Use and Recommended Dosage

Reading the label, you’ll notice the suggested use and recommended dosage are slightly different on training and non-training days:

And you’ll want to assess your tolerance for Nitraflex first.

1-Scoop Serving

Only 1 scoop (1 serving) is necessary. Do not exceed 1 scoop in a single 24-hour period. Do not take NITRAFLEX within 5 hours of bedtime. One serving contains 325 MG Caffeine, 1500 MG of Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine, and a clinically researched dose of CFB (Calcium fructoborate - US Patent #5,962,049). 

Training days

Day 1: Begin by assessing your tolerance with half a serving of NITRAFLEX® mixed with 6oz of cold water.

Days 2 and beyond: Depending on tolerance, mix 1 serving (1 scoop) of NITRAFLEX® with 10oz of cold water and consume within 30 minutes before working out.

Non-training days

Take 1 serving (1 scoop) upon arising in the morning or before any physical activity. Do not take more than 1 serving in a single 24-hour period. Do not take within five hours of bedtime. After 8 weeks of use, take 1 week off before resuming use. (Taking time off from supplements and restarting later is called “cycling”.)

Nitraflex Flavors

Nitraflex comes in quite a few flavors including Pink Lemonade, Peach Mango, Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Orange, Pineapple, Piña Colada, Grape, and Peach Iced Tea. Try one or try them all! Sample packets are also available to help you find your favorite flavors.

Who is this Product For?

This product is strictly intended for use by healthy persons 18 years of age or older. Because each serving (or 1 scoop) contains 325 mg of caffeine we suggest you do not combine Nitraflex with other caffeine or stimulant-containing products. 


Optional - Stack with PMP Stim-Free Pre-Workout

Can you actually “stack” (combine) multiple Pre-Workouts? If you have the tolerance for it, and the secondary stacked items are all stimulant-free.

Take 1 serving of Nitraflex® with 1 scoop of PMP Stim Free Powder 30 minutes before training for even more dramatic effects.

Thinking of Adding a Post-Workout? 

Post-Workout products are consumed after a workout to help the muscles properly recover, so they’re prepared for your next training session. Is a Post-Workout right for you? Here’s a tasty way to find out.Try Adenoflex Post-Workout Multi-Color Ice Pops to complete your workout routine. Visit for more.  

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