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Brain Fuel: Nootropics for Better Workout Results

Brain Fuel: Nootropics for Better Workout Results - GAT SPORT

The supplement industry is booming with various nootropics.  Gamers are entering the space which is creating the need and desire for brain-boosting supplements.  But how exactly can nootropics be intermingled in with the fitness industry?  Workouts revolve around pushing weights around and enhancing physical strength, not mental like you have with video games.  So, why would anyone want to supplement with nootropics specifically for a mental edge in the gym?  Ah, young grasshopper – that’s where you have much to learn and where the secret lies. 

Once you understand exactly what nootropics can do for you on top of the mental aspects, you may never want to train without them again.


Activate the Mind-Muscle Connection

When it comes to workouts, you want to feel the muscle contracting.  Far too many people simply go through the motions without really connecting with the process.  You want to feel the muscle fibers contracting each and every rep.  Through the use of nootropics, you have the ability to heighten your mind-muscle connection to the point where your entire focus is on the feeling of each muscular contraction. 

The more in-tune you get with your mind-muscle connection, the greater your muscle-building potential.


Boost Mental Performance and Strength 

Exercise, whether you realize it or not, is as much a mental game as it is physical.  Your ability to push yourself through the pain and exhaustion will be the difference between an average looking physique and a phenomenal head-turning physique.  Nootropics help bridge the gap and combine the physical and mental aspects of exercise. 

Nootropics can provide you with mental energy to help push you through physical barriers.  When the body says, “no more,” nootropics can help flip the switch and tell your muscles to “push some more reps out.”


Focus Ensures Proper Form 

With the increase in blood flow to the brain and the body, nootropics have yet another workout benefit – focus.  No, this isn’t circling back to the mind-muscle connection.  This is something totally different. 

Once you step foot in the weight room, there is an inherent danger and risk to picking up the weights.  At any moment, an injury could happen.  It’s your job to ensure that doesn’t happen.  Through the help of nootropics, you can enhance your focus to truly get dialed in with your form and mechanics.  Not only will this help keep you safe, but the ability to move through an exercise with perfect form allows you to utilize more muscle fiber recruitment which can ultimately provide you with better muscle gains.


Putting It All Together

One of the most popular nootropic ingredients on the market is Nitrosigine®.  While most ingredients involve a bunch of flash and no gas, Nitrosigine delivers.  It’s for that reason GAT Sport has included this patented ingredient into their Nitroflex pre-workout formula.  In as little as 15 minutes, you can start to feel the effects of this potent nootropic ingredient.

Through the use of Nitrosigine, you can experience an increase in blood flow, a boost in physical and mental energy, a sleeve-filling pump and muscle volumization, extreme focus, and the ability to enhance muscle recovery following workouts.

It’s safe to say that Nitrosigine isn’t just an ingredient you want – it’s an ingredient that you NEED.

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